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Thursday, July 21st, 2011


Thursday, December 31st, 2009


                              AL CUARTEL DE BOMBEROS



   Con una inversion aproximada de 280 mil pesos, el Alcalde Alejandro Zepeda Munro entrego la obra de construccion de dormitorios y sanitarios en beneficio de los bomberos con el fin de dignificar la corporacion.

   Acompañado del Director del Consejo Municipal para la Concertacion de la Obra Publica, Manuel Ayala Barron y del Director de la Unidad Municipal de Proteccion Civil Ruben Salido, funcionarios y regidores, el Presidente Municipal deseo que con esta obra se mejoren las condiciones de trabajo de los bomberos.

   El Alcalde reconocio la invaluable labor que realizan los bomberos al arriesgar constantemente sus vidas para salvar a los demas, por ello es necesario dotarlos de equipo y mejores instalaciones porque asi se lo merecen.

   Posterior al corte de liston inaugural wl Alcalde realizo un recorrido por las intalaciones de bomberosy aprobecho para sostener una platica con los “trahaumos”, ahi escucho las necesidades de los trabajadores comprometiendose a apoyarlos con programas de viviendas y otras prestaciones a partir del proximo año.

   En el mismo evento, Alejandro Zepeda Munro acompañado del Director de Desarrollo Social del Ayuntamiento Ernesto Portugal Garcia entrego 50 despensas del Programa Alimenticio Diconsa a igual numero de empleados y aprovecho par desearle que pasen una feliz navidad en compañia de sus seres queridos.

   El Presidente Municipal agradecio a todo el equipo de trabajo por el esfuerzo y entrega que demuestran al velar dia y noche por la seguridad de los ciudadanos, sobre todo en estas fechas cuando la mayoria de la gente se encuentra festejando y ellos no descuidan sus labores ni un momento.            


Thursday, December 31st, 2009




Strengthening ties of friendship in order to work on an exchange of projects in the future was the objective of a working tour that recently made its way to Puerto Peñasco and which included the mayor of San Luis Arizona, Juan Carlos Escamilla, along with authorities from the cities of Somerton and Yuma, Arizona.

Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro received the visit of the US authorities at city Hall, where discussions focused on concerns of promoting a tourism corridor for the area.

The City Leader appeared satisfied with the meeting, as this could bring benefits for residents of the border communities.

He stated the invitation was not only for residents of San Luis, Yuma and Somerton to come to Peñasco, being able to now enjoy the advantages of the coastal highway, but rather also so that the people of Peñasco travel to these neighboring communities through an exchange program of tourism, as well as athletic and cultural activities held on both sides of the border.

During the meeting, the importance of working jointly on projects that represents benefits for all of the communities was discussed, such as the creation of a tourism corridor for the area.


Thursday, December 31st, 2009




The plan that Puerto peñasco be the “brightest” city in the state has taken one more step towards this goal after the city council, meeting in full session, unanimously approved an ambitious comprehensive project for public lighting in order to save electricity, whit the intent of lighting more that 90% of the city.

The proposal, once presented and approved by member of the city body, will be sent to the state congress for corresponding review and approval, as appropriate.

During the third ordinary session of the city council, headed up by Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, the council member authorized the project presented by the director of planning and economic development, of 7,000 lights on an energy saving system.

If this is authorized by the local legislators, the next step will be to begin the tendering process in order to select the best company, with financing negotiations through Banobras.

Mason Muñoz explained the objective in general is to obtain an energy savings of around 60%, which will be reflected in billing, as, according to studies presented, lamps with magnetic induction that they intend to place around  the city consume much less electricity than those  currently in place.

In addition, he furthered, they will double the number of city lights, replacing the 3,792 that exist and acquiring an additional 3,308 lamps, which will cover more than 90% of the urban zone and benefit all sectors of the city.

He explained the project will be self-sufficient, as the current collection for the right of public lighting, which tops 900,000 pesos monthly, would pay 266,000 pesos for the consumption of electricity for the 7,000 new lamps, eliminating the cost of maintenance while begin able to cover outstanding credit debts with Banobras with monthly payments of 578,000 pesos.

Jesus Soto affirms fiscal agency promotes open doors

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Tending to the public with open doors, while offering all possible manners to ensure fulfillment of tax payments, are the instructions to follow at the state fiscal agency, affirmed Jesus Soto Mendivil, director of the state collections office.

the recently appointed official indicated as part of this openness, they have dismissed the idea of seizing assets as a means to recover outstanding state tax collections for the time being.

He indicated that although he received the official appointment from the secretary of the treasury, Alejandro Lopez, on November 6th, he had begun work at the beginning of the month in order to become familiarized with the operations of the fiscal agency.

Soto Mendivil believed that having worked in the Puerto Penasco municipal treasury during the 2003-2006 period will be a factor in transitioning into work at the state collections agency and was even taken into account for his appointment as director.

the fiscal agent indicated in order to facilitate fulfillment of obligations they are establishing agreements with people, principally concerning the payment of license plates, which is the greatest gaps are.

He insisted that openness and dialog are principal for the fulfillment of the goals of the state office, and therefore for the time being they do not plan to take steps towards seizures in order to assure tax payers compliance.

He affirmed, in addressing the community of Puerto Penasco, that within this state office there is someone who is proudly from Penasco and with open doors to assist the community as much as possible.

Looking to attract charter flights to Puerto Penasco

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Efforts to begin to draw in more aerial tourism have begun with promotional work aimed at attracting charter flights to the area in accordinated manner with tourist resorts in this port, informed Alonso Dominguez Ruiz, airport administrator.

therefore, he stated, as currently there is the capacity and infrastructure to bring in planes carrying 50 passengers or more, the intent is to establish contacts principally in Arizona and California in order to begin to bring in charter flights to Penasco.

he stressed this means the first steps in bringing aerial tourism to the area. Given the current conditions, particulary in terms of the economy, it is not really possible to being direct flights with commercial airlines.

The administrator of the new sea of cortez airport remarked that despite the economic drop affecting the U.S., private flights from the country maintain active and they have even seen an increase in operations at the airport.

Dominguez Ruis reiterated they are taking tremendous steps in consolidating a new source of tourism for Penasco as a complement to highway tourism, wich is the principal pathway for tourist currently.

It is worth recalling that the new sea of cortez airport, in which 450 million pesos were invested, began operations at the end of October and was officialy inaugurated by President Felipe Calderon on November 5th.

CEDO In Rocky Point

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

CEDO stands for Centro Intercultural de Estudios de Desiertos y Oceanos or in English: The Cultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans. CEDO is a non profit organization located in Las Conchas near the Cet Mar aquarium. They have been in Rocky Point since 1980 and in 2007, won the National Conservation award for Mexico. Their main focus these days is trying to help save the Vaquita Marina, literally the little sea cow, as it is the smallest porpoise in the world; only living in the waters of the northern Sea of Cortez. Check out this video that they put together, it tells the story of a rescued Vaquita that was beached just east of CEDO:

Vaquita Marina on You Tube

The Estuary and the Sea The Estuary and the Sea 

Cedo offers tours of the estuaries as well as tours to Bird Island. These tours are invaluable as you can learn from biologists about the marine life and plant life of the area. They also offer tours to Pinacate, the huge crater left my a meteor many years ago. See the related post for more on Pinacate.

Entrance to CEDO Entrance to CEDO 

The Pinacate Reserve Biosphere

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

If you are looking for something to do outside Rocky Point, going to the Pinacate Reserve Biosphere is the perfect way to spend the afternoon or even overnight! Situated just about an hour north of Rocky Point (halfway to Sonoyta) the Pinacate craters were formed by a series of volcanoes spewing hot lava over 4 million years ago. Today, Pinacate and its Biosphere, located in the Gran Desierto de Altar is home to many species of animals and plants found no where else in the world! There are lots of guided tours by foot, 4×4 truck, or ATV for your learning and enjoyment experience!

Pinacate at Sunset Pinacate at Sunset 

There are nine huge craters formed by this explosion so long ago, covering a little more than 600 square miles. It is the largest Maar crater in the world, forming such a moon like environment that the astronauts from the Apollo 14 mission trained right here! The whole area is dormant right now, and it attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world including scientists and tourists alike.

Crater Elegante Crater Elegante 

You will see the entrance to the Biosphere on your right hand side as you head south to Rocky Point. Tours and entry times vary based on the time of year, but you can find out all this information on their website. This is defiantly a Rocky Point activity you should consider on your next trip down!

Calderon announces investment of 5.5 billion pesos

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Calderon announces investment of 5.5 billion pesos

State higway to be modernized.


During his recent tour to the city, President Felipe Calderon stated there are resources totaling nearly 5.5 billion pesos for the development of infrastructure in Sonora, underscoring the need to expand a four- lane highway from Don Station to Nogales.

President Calderon ratified his desire to work for the entire Sonoran community, stressing the importance of investing in infrastructure in order to further competition and the welfare of all Mexicans.

In the case of Sonora, he noted that in the current year they will put 1.3 billion pesos towards projects of water, sewage, irrigation, sanitation, and the modernizing of highways and rural roads.







“ I know a sensitive issue is the modernization of the highway from Don Station to Nogales, which is the spinal column of the state and has tremendous importance for the economy of the region,” he stated.

“Therefore”, he added, “I have sent instructions both to the Secretary of Communications and Transport, as well as to the Director of Banobras, so that jointly with the state government the provision of the resources is made possible which will allow for the beginning of the modernization of the Don Station – Nogales highway within the short term, which will benefit all Sonorans.”

Calderon stressed that in addition to promoting other crucial projects for the development of the stated, as is the construction of three more docks for various specialties of maritime commerce, he announced that soon they would begin the tendering process for a new freight terminal in Guaymas set to vitalize that port within the state.









“It will be a port terminal specialized in the freight containers, with a capacity for 200,000 containers per year, through an investment of more than 550 million pesos and one that will surely further promote the development that many Sonorans have done in this port, “ he indicated.

President Calderon Hinojosa called for unity so that Mexico may change and become a prosperous and just nation, which we all desire.

New Local rates and no Roaming while in Rocky Point.

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

AT&T and Verizon launched a new cell phone plan in May to aid those who frequently call Mexico. This is much needed, as so many travel to or are expatriates living in Mexico and calling can get expensive. The demand is mostly in the southwestern states, Arizona being the top state to need this new service.  “There has been a lot of demand for this type of plan, especially in Arizona, for those who may travel a great deal to Mexico,” Verizon spokeswoman Jenny Weaver said. The plan is called “Nationwide Plus Mexico” and run $54.99 for one line and $84.99 for two.

This is great news to those that travel to Mexico frequently, because US cell phone usage is not only expensive, but at times unreliable. Sometimes calls are dropped, calls don’t go through, and it is a general headache. Concurrently, calling from a Mexican cell phone to the United States is costly as well. There will be no long distance roaming charges or long distance charges added to this price. Communication across the border will mean more commerce for Mexico and Arizona. This unlimited calling plan is very popular, and should yield great results over the coming months among cell phone users.