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Playa en Penasco

Monday, October 9th, 2006

La playa en Puerto Penasco esta preciosa, sobre todo en Sandy Beach… yo rente un condominio en el Sonoran Sun, la gente en recepcion es muy amable, fue muy facil checar entrada, el condominio estaba muy bonito, con internet inalambrico, telefono, vario canales excelentes en la TV, un muy buen restaurant (El Catorce)

New Reservation Office Located in Phoenix Arizona

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Sea Side Reservations has a new showroom and reservation office for Rocky Point, Mexico in Phoenix Arizona. Now you can go to the Sea Side Reservations, The Rocky Point Experts, and sit down with an expert before you go. They can personally guide you through the process and take the time to have a real conversation with you about your trip to Puerto Penasco.  Sea Side Reservations show room has plenty of videos, literature and take aways for you to really understand what your trip can be like before you ever drive to Rocky Point or take the Rocky Point Shuttle. The Group also puts on a monthly seminar on an Introduction to Rocky Point and also does guided tours.

The office is located on the corner of Tatum and Thunderbird at 13636 N. Tatum, Scottsdale, Arizona 85032 The

Phone number 602 404 2982

shuttle in front of office

Found the Other Side of the Highway

Friday, September 29th, 2006

This past week I flew over to Ensenada to get to Rosarito to see my old friend Josh Herbison to build out a couple websites and work on a new Project to help manage FM-3s better than anyone else in town. Anyhow enough of the plug on the way it was very beautiful, as I looked down I noticed a road that came to an end going towards Puerto Penasco. I assume this is the other side of the Coastal Highway. I was excited. Here are the pictures of that Highway.

other end Going to the Baja

Steve Schwabbie



Peñasco is Sonora’s Real Estate Leader

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006



There are properties that change of owner up to three times a year By: Denise Lopez
Puerto Peñasco
Issue #395 09/18/2006 
Puerto Peñasco is number one in real estate within the state of Sonora, especially in the areas of land and condominiums. And, appreciation is getting more lucrative with every passing day. A clear example can be reflected in the buildings that, in the same year, have gone through three ‘inscriptions’. That means that a property has had up to 3 owners in the same year. “Each time they ask us for a Lien Certificate, we know that there is a buy-sell operation. This is because notaries ask for it when they want to check the status of the property”, he said. 

But the strongest boom has been in the last two years. Until 2004, there were only 20,000 inscriptions in the registry book. Right now, there are 27,300. This indicates that more than 20% of the operations of this office have been realized in the last two years. Perez Herrera explained that there is also a strong increment in the presence of societies focused to commerce and SIGER (System for Registry Management). The civil employee explained that the function of the Public Registry of Property (today ‘Icreson’), is to spread the registered acts. That way they can inform third parties about it. This provides legal security to the new owners. 

He remembered that the cadastre office initiated operations 26 years ago, but the strongest activity has occurred in the last five years. Fortunately, it will continue to grow at the same rate of this tourist destination. SEPTEMBER, THE MONTH OF THE WILL Although there is no official information on behalf of the General Direction of Icreson, or notification about the Month of the Will, it is expected that this activity will be realized in September. Last year there was little response on behalf of the population, since only ten to twelve people attended the event. For that reason, the community has received a request to go this time. After all, it will not represent a cost for them. “People are scared to make a will because they relate it with death. But, in reality, it is a matter of culture and security for the family”, he emphasized. 

The process is quite simple. An holographic will is made by the author’s hand. Later, a civil employee authorizes it with the identification of the author and two witnesses. It’s in the best interest of the authors to leave no problems to their family members. Since their will is documented, there is no reason for family disputes for the inheritance that he leaves behind.END OF ARTICLE

For those of you who are intersted in Real Esate in Puerto Penasco, Check out www.realtyexecs-mexico.com


Coastal Highway Progress

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

I recently flew over the coastal highway and took a picture of the end of the Pavement and the end of the construction. So far the Coastal Highway is 34 nautical miles from Puerto Penasco. This new highway will connect Rocky Point to California traffic. I will post some of the pictures of the New highway’s progress as I get a chance to fly over.

Coastal Highway   DSC00709.JPG   pavement highway

Dining at the Crows Nest

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

On a recent trip to Rocky Point, Mexico myself and a group of freinds ate at the Crow’s Nest Bar, in The LIghthouse Reataurant. The Crows nest is located upstairs of the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is located on top of Whale Hill, and provides great views of Sandy Beach, the Marina, and of couse the Sea of Cortez. We sat out on the balcony in time to see the sunset and later enjoy the view of the city. We pretty much covered the menu. I had the fish, which in Penasco is pretty much always flounder. Two of my friends ate shrimp one garlic, and one coconut, one had a steak and the last ate enchiladas. I rarely have had a bad order of seafood here in Penasco, and this time was no exception. Not one member of our party had a bad meal, and the margaritas were not bad either. Fun was had by all. This is a great place to eat dinner, but my favorite time to go here is for lunch when you can really take advantage of the view. It’s a great place to look for dolphins or watch the boats coming in and out of the harbor.

Lighthouse Restaurant

Casa Y Turismo En Puerto Penasco

Monday, September 25th, 2006

Beach front properties

Rentar una casa en Puerto Penasco es igual de facil que rentar un condomio. El Fin de semana del 16 de Septiembre, decidi irme a Puerto Penasco a pasar mi fin de semana feriado. No tenia a donde llegar y decidi buscar un lugar, para en una pequena oficina entrando al pueto que me llamo la atencion, decia en el anuncio que se rentaban casas de 1-10 recamaras, el lugar se llama Sea Side Beach Home Rentals. Las personas que me ayudaron fueron muy amables, el proceso fue rapido y facil. Rente un lugar en una playa llamada las cochas la casa se llama Playa Vida y creanme que fue genial.

La Casa era grande, estaba completamente equipada como si hubieras llegado a tu propia casa incluyendo platos y todos los utencilios de cocina y lo mejor de todo es que estaba en frente de la playa. Al ser una casa nomas tienes la playa y no toda la jente que se encuentra en otros lugares como los hoteles, mi familia estaba encantada con la privacidad que teniamos, de echo es la primera ves que disfrute uanas vacaciones con privacidad.

Nuevo blog en espanol

Monday, September 25th, 2006

Discount Rocky Point Vacation Specials

Esta parte es para que todos ustedes pongan todos sus comentarios en espanol, acerca de sus vacaciones en Puerto Penasco, sus experiencias, buenas o malas, acerca tambien de las playas y los condominios en los que consiguieron hospedaje, precios, reservaciones, que les parecio el oceano, el Mar de Cortez, etc.

Fox lauds progress

Monday, September 25th, 2006

By Bryon Wells, Sun Staff Writer
Sep 22, 2006, 11:24 pm

Mexico President Vicente Fox called, during a visit Friday to this border city in the final weeks of his six-year presidency, an ongoing water treatment plant in the border city a model of development for other regions in the country to follow.

Fox, who was in San Luis Rio Colorado on the last leg of a tour of other projects in the Mexican state of Sonora that afternoon, also used the occasion to paint a bright future for Mexico as a new administration prepares to take the helm after a bitterly contested election.

“Without a doubt, you are building up a great part of our homeland. This is an example for other places,” Fox said before the crowd of about 400 local, state and federal government officials and other participants.

“Sonora today is a champion in employment,” he added. “Sonora occupies the highest levels of educational matters and as high in the level of quality of education. The public health programs are extraordinary.”

The two-day tour included visits to Hermosillo, the capital of the Mexican border state, and Puerto Peñasco, a popular tourist destination. Fox arrived in San Luis Rio Colorado accompanied by Sonora Gov. Eduardo Bours Castelo and other military and government officials in a caravan of four helicopters to the city’s new wastewater treatment plant.

The wastewater treatment plant, located in the desert about 20 miles south of downtown San Luis Rio Colorado, is part of the city’s sewage and potable water project, known as PIMAAS for its Spanish acronym. The first stage of the project, which Fox visited, is a series of lagoons that will soon hold sewage and drainage water from the city, using algae and bacteria to treat the wastewater.

The practice of dumping the wastewater into the riverbed west of town has created what nearby residents called a horrible stench and has raised fears of contamination of the water aquifer that serves San Luis Rio Colorado.

San Luis Rio Colorado Mayor Ruben Espino said the project will stop the contamination of the Colorado River.

“If it’s not the most important, it’s one of the most important projects on the border,” Espino said.

Work started in January 2002, and the first stage was finished late last year. The second phase of the project should bring sewer service to about 90 percent to 100 percent of San Luis.

Sonoran state and the Mexican federal governments helped fund the project along with grants and loans from the North American Development Bank. NADB was created by the North American Free Trade Agreement to help border communities develop projects related to infrastructure needs.

Fox’s tour comes on the heels of a tumultuous presidential election process that began with the July election.

The election divided the country, and Mexico City saw hundreds of thousands of protesters and supporters of candidate Manuel Lopez Obrador that shut down the normal operations of the capital city.

Lopez Obrador challenged the elections, claiming vote fraud, and vowed to create a parallel government.

Mexico’s top electoral court officially declared Felipe Calderon, of Fox’s ruling party, the winner, who will be inaugurated Dec. 1.

In San Luis Rio Colorado, Fox said the nation can march on now that the process has named a winner.

“Fortunately, through the democratic electoral process, we now have a president-elect for the period of 2006-2112,” Fox said, saying his government is working week by week to ensure a smooth transition.

“We will make sure Mexicans will not lose one minute of the rhythm of work that has brought us here today,” he said.

Fox said the economy in Mexico has been growing, the country has seen the creation of a record 350,000 new jobs, with the expectation to reach one million new jobs by the end of the year.

Fox said higher oil prices and an increase in petroleum production in Mexico will add to federal, state and municipal coffers the funds necessary to complete similar projects to develop the country.

“We will continue to use petroleum for the development of our country,” Fox said.

Fox has received numerous criticisms, including his failure to reach an immigration accord with President George W. Bush, and that he has not realized many of his promises.

But Fox said Mexico has moved forward in the past six years.

“In six years, you can’t build a nation,” Fox said. “It is evident that in six years, you can’t resolve all problems of a country.”

“We are going to deliver a country on course, and the new administration will take it and continue with all Mexicans to build a great nation.”

From San Luis Rio Colorado, Fox and his entourage flew to Mexicali where he was to take a plane to his home state of Guanajuato.


Sonora Invests Into Tourism

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

Sonora promotes tourism

Marketing push aimed at Arizonans


Stephanie Paterik
The Arizona Republic
Sept. 24, 2006   


If it feels as if Sonora is calling, that’s because it is.  

The Mexican state just south of the border is spending $1.5 million this year to attract tourists from Arizona, compared with $100,000 in years past.

A contingent of Sonora government officials came to Phoenix last week to talk about the campaign with the Arizona Office of Tourism and local media.


In addition to beefing up marketing, Sonora officials said a 400-mile coastal highway is being built between now and 2009, making it easier for visitors to drive from one seaside town to the next.

In December, much of Sonora stopped requiring car permits, which visitors complained were costly, time-consuming and difficult to get.

“We’re trying to make it easier to come from Arizona,” said Epifanio Salido Pavlovich, coordinator general of the Sonora Office of Tourism.

“We are so close. We are neighbors. We are trying to make an investment in marketing.”

Until now, Sonora spent nearly all of its marketing budget on California and countries overseas. But a study showed that 67 percent of its visitors were from Arizona, prompting a dramatic shift in strategy.

“Now we know Arizona is our priority,” Pavlovich said.

The goal is to duplicate the success of Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky Point, in other areas of Sonora.

The popular spring break destination has become a magnet for tourists and developers; nine condominium projects are in the works.

Other cities in Sonora want a piece of that economic vitality.

“Peñasco is in the eyes of everyone,” Pavlovich said.

“We’re increasing investment in the tourism sector very quickly. What is happening in Peñasco, we wanted to bring it along the coast of Sonora.”

Ing. Raúl Acedo Elías, subdirector of the Sonora Office of Tourism, pointed out that Sonora is making another shift. Instead of promoting only its sand and surf, the state is trying to attract people to rural and colonial areas.

It’s participating with Arizona in National Geographic’s geotourism map project. Next year, the publisher will release a map that highlights the hidden cultural treasures of the Sonora Desert Region, all nominated by locals.

Promoting the diversity of the region instead of one beach town ultimately will draw more visitors, Elías said.

“We don’t only want beach and sun (tourists),” he said. “We want ecotourism.”

Early indications are that the new strategy is working.

Hotel occupancy in Sonora is up 25 percent this year, and overall visitation is up 20 percent, Pavlovich said.

Margie Emmermann, director of the Arizona Office of Tourism, met with Sonora officials last week, as she does twice a year.

She said that extending the permit-free zone for cars is a major step toward making travel easier. Studying tourists more closely is helping all communities, including Sonora, understand how to reach their customers.

“They will be more successful in being able to get right to their niche and better educate people about the ease of travel and beauty of Sonora,” she said.