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New Bill Pay Service in Rocky Point

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Sea Side Reservations has just released their new verison of Snoopis Verison 3.0. There are many new features and make owning property in Puerto Penasco much more hassle free. Check out www.seasidebillpay.com

Rocky Point Bill Pay


New Dialing Rules for Sonora Mexico

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Some dialing rules changed from US to Mexican cell phone ONLY.

Now you have to include a 1 before the area code

Old way:     011 52  638 107 4894

NEW way:  011 52 1 638 107 4894

Also, to dial to a MEXICAN CEL OUT OF TOWN:
Wathever the area code is, now you have to dial 045 before it ( I am
using Caborca, and my phone # as an example)

Old way:             01 637 107 4894

NEW WAY:       045 637 107 4894

Aparently, now the one who calls, pays and doesn’t eat the credit of
the receiver. Before, both caller and receiver paid and were eating
each other’s credit……

Sandy Beach Fly over

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Here are a few pics from a recent Sandy Beach. As you can see lots of people are on the beach here in Rocky Point this weekend.

 Sandy Beach Sonoran Sun Bella Sirena Reef Picutre in Rocky Point 



Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Rocky Point from the skyMany People who come to Rocky Point dream of someday owning a property in this little piece of paradise. Who can blame them with Real Estate prices keep driving themselves higher and higher and the relaxed atmosphere, Who hasn’t had dreams of owning a vacation home? Especially one that appreciates as much as 25% a year.   Depending on  your preferred way to spend your free time, you may long for a Beach Home in Las Conchas because of the American amenities or the Privacy of one of the outer beaches such as Encanto, Playa Miramar or Dorado. Maybe all that maintenance is something you would rather not have to come down and deal with so you would rather choose one of the beautiful Condo Projects on Sandy Beach.
Whatever your choice is once you have purchased your dream and fix it up with the touches that show your personality and taste you might find that either your not visiting as often as you thought you might, or those payments are making it hard to get away from your job. After all property on the beach is not cheap anymore.  making that vacation home a reality can be a lot of sweat equity.
We find now that it’s not just wealthy people that own second homes for vacations; it’s mainly clever folks who figure out ways to own the getaway of their dreams. Prospective vacation home buyers must realize is that finding a second mortgage may be easier than paying for it. Don’t neglect to plan for the added cost of  another power bill, phone bill, bank trusts, HOA dues, repairs and upgrades when you analyze what you can spend.
A vacation home can be used as a fun getaway for a few weeks each year for the family, but imagine how helpful it will be to your budget to rent out your seaside castle. Renting your property  can conceivably bring in enough income to pay either for a large portion of the mortgage each month quickly lessening the financial burden.
The key considerations of how much you can charge and how often your property will rent is its location, proximity to the beach, size, sleeping capacity, amenities, furnishing and the overall condition of your place. During peak seasons in high use areas – rentals soar every year with more and more nights occupied and more rent charged per night. If your not sure how much to charge per night a good rule of thumb is to take around 1% of the value of the property and start with that as a per night rental price during normal season. This number isn’t always where you’ll end up, but it is a good start.
Many people who try to rent on their own find out that unless they are an accountant, telemarketer, marketing agent, lawyer, security guard, maid, and handyman such a task becomes quickly overwhelming. Having professional management is essential.Having a staff to oversee your property, take care of your renters, pay your bills, handle your taxes, and to ensure that your investment is protected is essential when your away. A good Rental Management team takes a lot of the headache out of your investment and increases your net return.
Rentals may or may not make your payments for you. Usually they will not make 100% of your mortgage unless you have an exceptionally unusual property that generates great demand for it, or you had a large down payment so that your monthly installments are reduced. Even with this in mind Renting your property can greatly increase you ROI over the years and ease the financial burden of your vacation property.
Written by: Steve Schwab, CEO www.seasidemexico.com For More information contact www.realtyexecs-mexico.com   





Thursday, October 12th, 2006

The “New and Improved” Peñasco Del Sol Resort was recently the host to about one hundred and fifty real estate professionals. This highly successful event was a wonderful testament to a newly renovated resort hotel.
The Arizona Association of Realtors joined forces with A.M.P.I., (Mexico’s National association of Realtors) to highlight the benefits that both teams bring to the table in a cooperative way.
The event brought Realtors from Mexico City, Guadalajara, Hermosillo and other Mexican destinations to share ideas with Realtors from all over Arizona.
This third annual event opened with a very informative class presented by Attorney Raul O’Farrill. Raul discussed the nuts and bolts of Mexican Real Estate Law. This class was approved as continuing education for both Arizona Realtors as well as Mexico Realtors. (A.M.P.I. certified agents.) Raul who is with O’Farrill & associates and president of OTP Trust, presents many of the monthly A.M.P.I. certification courses held here in Puerto Peñasco.
This class was followed by a mini marketing session and cocktail party which was a great networking opportunity allowing all to make new friends, share ideas, and get caught up on what is happening in this town. Many Arizona delegates had never been here, for others, it had been many years. One comment that seemed to sum up the thoughts of many attendees was, “Last time I was here there was nothing but sand on Sandy Beach”. Many of the guests reflected on their Spring Break memories. Obviously much has changed since then, with thousands of condos now gracing the skyline, housing the millions of visitors each year.
The following day the attendees heard updates regarding licensing and certification in Mexico. Registration with the state of Sonora is already a reality. In order to be registered, an agent must pass a background check, have all legal documentation to work in Mexico and be up to date on the continuing education programs provided by A.M.P.I. A.M.P.I. members are registered with the state.
Other topics of importance were the privatization of large land expanses called Ejidos. An Ejido is basically land granted to communal or family groups with rights to use, not to sell. The privatization process allows Ejido lands to be sold legally and many large coastal regions are being opened up in this way.
There was a panel of lenders on board to discuss financing opportunities here in Mexico. Les Levitt with Playa Capital and Tim Kelly from the IMI Group answered questions about some exciting new programs available for perspective homebuyers. Lending has become a reality here in Rocky Point and is similar in process to lending in the United States.
 A.M.P.I. National sent Sergio Dueñas and President Elect Mario Aviles to announce among other things that A.M.P.I. and the National Association of Realtors have joined forces. As a member of A.M.P.I. an agent is automatically a Realtor with N.A.R. credentials. This means that the accreditation of A.M.P.I. is accepted worldwide as the standard in the real estate community of Mexico.
The final segment brought together legal experts from all over Mexico to answer questions and discuss such current topics as they came up from the attendees. Many agents were interested in learning how they can profit from the referral programs offered by both entities.
After all the passing of knowledge was digested, the guests were treated first to a sunset cruise and then an elaborate beach party at the Reef Restaurant on Sandy Beach.
The Peñasco Del Sol Resort, A.M.P.I., and the Arizona Association of Realtors pulled off an amazing event. It was wonderful because of a lot of hard work, and cooperation of a great team. This event takes place annually and is rotated between Arizona and Sonora.
 Kent White
Realty Executives Rocky Point




Todo tipo de restaurantes!!! Por Armando Rocha

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Ahora en Puerto Penasco cada dia vemos diferentes tipos de restaurantes. Por ejemplo podemos encontrar restaurantes a la orilla del mar como en el centro de ciudad, algunos de ellos por asi mencionarlo son de comida mexicana, internacional y hasta puedes encontrar comida peruana, sin dejar a un lado nuestro platillo regional como la carne asada. Algunos de ellos localizados en Sandy Beach (El catorce al interior del Complejo Sonoran Sun) y otros en el Malecon.     

Buyer’s market

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Rocky Point had become a buyer’s market, extreme values are available for those looking to buy. Realty Executives is your first choice in finding you a value property. The website is www.realtyexecs-mexico.com.

Nuevos complejos turisticos

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

En Puerto Penasco hay muchos nuevos proyectos de complejos turisticos, es impresionante cuantos existen, y cuantos mas estan proyectados a futuro!  Penasco promete ser uno de los mas grandes puntos turisticos en Mexico, y seguramente unico en el mundo por sus playas.

Sistema de reservaciones

Monday, October 9th, 2006

En Sea Side, me parece que es la agencia que lleva a cabo todas las reservaciones del Sonoran Sun, Bella Sirena, y todo lo de Sandy Beach, utilizan un software muy funcional. Otras veces me he hospedado en otros complejos turisticos, y es realmente incompetente la agencia que no invierte dinero en sus sistemas, simplemente nunca hayan mis reservaciones, o la encuentran en un viejo cuaderno, si tengo suerte. Yo, definitivamente me quedo en Sea Side

Real Estate Craze Leads to Binational Marketing Blitz

Monday, October 9th, 2006

BY KATIE WEEKS Watching the sunset from his estate in Mexico, Dave La Barre couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for his lifestyle. 

“You’re talking to me right now, and I’m standing here overlooking the Sea of Cortez from a house I bought for less than $500,000,” said La Barre, who is president and founder of Mi Casa del Mar, one of the largest of about 40 development companies making Baja California, Mexico’s San Felipe, “American ready.” In 2002, there were just four developers in that city. The house, he said, would have cost him $2 million to $3 million in San Diego, where La Barre was born and raised. 

While La Barre, 63, limits advertising to billboards and restaurant placemats in San Felipe, others have plans to spend millions to promote their ventures. Armando Ramos, 60, president of San Felipe Marina Resort, a $900 million oceanfront project, has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote his gigantic project — and plans to spend a lot more. 

La Barre, an American, and Ramos, a Mexican citizen, battle decades of horror stories — real and imagined — about the Mexican government seizing property, crooked cops and insufficient infrastructure. But the two businessmen take different approaches. While La Barre said his aim isn’t to convert consumers who have already made up their minds, Ramos’ company has held educational seminars on how to buy his Mexican properties. La Barre would rather target people who have already visited Mexico. 

Targeting Western Markets Markets with a higher likelihood of buying a second home or vacation home in Mexico are Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, Texas and Arizona, said Georgi Bohrod, who has spent 10 years marketing time shares and homes in Mexico. Colorado, Minnesota and Chicago are secondary markets, said Bohrod, whose San Diego-based public relations firm, Georgi Bohrod Associates, services clients in Baja California and Puerto Vallarta, which is on the west coast of the mainland Mexican state of Jalisco. 

“You can have a gorgeous place on the beach that you could not afford to have in Del Mar or La Jolla,” Bohrod said. “There are situations on both sides of the border where you need to be cautious, but Mexico is one of the safest places to travel abroad, and the Mexican government is working to make it safer.” During the last 13-14 years, changes in laws have made it easier and more secure for Americans to buy land in Mexico, including the ability to buy beachfront property or land close to the border by putting it in a Mexican bank trust, or fideicomiso, said Pepe Larroque, an attorney with global law firm Baker & McKenzie. Larroque has been working in Mexican real estate law for 20 years, and works 60 percent of the time in Tijuana, and partly in the firm’s San Diego office. 

Developers, on the other hand, typically hold the title of Mexican land through a Mexican company they establish, instead of a fideicomiso, Larroque said More and more people are comfortable with the system,” Schreier said, adding that financing for Mexican property is about 2 percent higher, and closing on a home can take up to 90 days versus about two weeks in the United States. 

Schreier said mortgage firms like his, along with title insurance companies and developers, have begun advertising their services together to simplify the purchase for customers — a combo meal of sorts for vacation-home buying. Quick To Sell 

Finance North America, whose Del Mar call center receives about 300 inquiries each week, became profitable this summer after having been open only a year. Schreier said the rapid growth of his company, for which he declined to disclose revenues, is indicative of the increasing number of people looking to Baja to purchase beachfront property. The U.S. Census Bureau doesn’t track the number of Americans living in Mexico, but it might start during the 2010 census, according to the bureau. According to the 2000 Mexican census, there are at least 340,000 Americans living in Mexico. 

About 25,000 Americans buy property in Baja each year, said Ramos, whose San Felipe Marina Resort project includes a completed 80-room hotel and plans for 3,300 homes to border a golf course, 100 ocean-view villas and 40 condos priced at $600,000 each. “Baby boomers are the richest generation in American history,” Ramos said. “They’re choosing Mexico because there are less regulations and it’s cheaper.” 

Ramos said his company has spent around $350,000 on advertising annually for the last several years and will spend an additional $1.5 million on it during the next year. His development firm has billboards in Baja aimed at keeping Americans in Mexico. One reads, “George W. Who? You don’t need to know,” Ramos said. 

San Felipe Marina Resort also advertises in the San Diego Union-Tribune, San Francisco’s daily newspapers, online and in in-flight magazines. Ramos and his associates have held seminars in conjunction with brokers about purchasing properties at his resort. “We are doing business like America wants to do business,” Ramos said. “They trust more in Mexican developers now.” 

Construction on San Felipe Marina Resort began 12 years ago, and it is now entering the second phase. Ramos expects $100 million in sales for 2007, and $1.5 billion in the next 15 years.