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Monday, February 22nd, 2016


Puerto Peñasco, Sonora is one of the most tourist cities with which account the state of Sonora. It is a small port where their jobs are fishing but yet with the passage of time was constantly visited by the date which today is one of the most visited places in the year in different cities. Puerto Peñasco has several attractions. But in his home for so draw attention of tourists they were built several complexes which are today very visitides to be located in the condominium which is called Sandy Beach Resort. This area is unique because it has the best condo complexes to be found in boulder starting with the newest of the complex this is called Sonoran Sky, followed Puerta Privada, Las Palomas, Costa Diamante, Casa Blanca, Princesa de Peñasco, Sonoran Spa, Sonoran Sea, Las Palmas, Bella Sirena, Sonoran Sun and finally Esmeralda. So this area being one of the most visited since these complexes have ocean or most facing the sea. Sandy beach apart from having the most visited complex has its attraction to one side these are the dunes where you can ride on motorcycles or rinhos.

Sandy Beach Resorts

ROCKY POINT, MEXICO: The “personality” of its resorts

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Esmeralda resort

The dates for your vacations are approaching fast and it might be hard for you to decide in which resort you’ll be staying, especially if you have never visited the Puerto Peñasco beaches (better known by “Rocky Point” by North American tourists) in México. But there’s no doubt that a general description of each one of its resorts will open your perspective so you can easily decide in which one you would want to stay depending on the type of entertainment you’re looking for.

The Company that manages the most variety of touristic complexes in Rocky Point is Sea Side Reservations; this firm is specialized in the management of condominiums inside its resorts, all of them in front of the ocean, for which we would like to introduce the description of each one of its attractive touristic complexes.

Regardless of which of its resorts you choose, absolutely all its condominiums are provided with fully equipped kitchen, living room and balcony with ocean view. The only difference between each resort would be the price depending on the amenities that each one has to offer. Here is the “personality” of each resort:



Sonoran Sun resort

This is a luxury Colonial style resort. It’s provided with a little central square surrounded by several amenities such as the famous “Emilianos” restaurant, bar, cantina, spa, gym, internet room and convenience store.  And, to make your stay more pleasant, it’s also provided with swim up bar. Refreshing, Uh?




Marina Pinacate resort

This lovely resort is one of the most basic of the Sea Side Reservations firm and it’s provided with swimming pool and BBQ area. Also, since it has excellent location walking distance from restaurants, coffee shops and bars, Marina Pinacate is not provided with restaurant or bar onsite, for which its prices turn out being the most affordable.




Sonoran Sky resort

 This luxury resort is the newest one of the firm. It’s provided with negative edge pool, ocean view gym, internet room, ocean view spa, swim up bar, convenience store and mini-water slide at the kids pool.  A luxury experience. 





Bella Sirena

With its rustic style decoration and wide landscapes, Bella Sirena offers the most pleasant stay while enjoying its several swimming pools and Palapa-bar. The decoration of each condominium is a delight for the sight offering variety for each taste.





Casa Blanca

If you enjoy the outdoor activities, Casa Blanca Golf and Villas is right for you. It is provided with a wide 18 hole professional mini golf court, which you can enjoy regardless of being a professional golf player or an amateur looking for the breeze and the beautiful ocean view. Or just take a refreshing swim at its swimming pool area.




Princesa de Peñasco

With a family friendly atmosphere, Princesa de Peñasco is provided with 3 swimming pools, a little restaurant, bar and convenience store. If you’re prepared to play on the beach, take advantage of its volleyball sand court or its convenient BBQ area close to the swimming pool area.




Las Gaviotas

This is a small community of comfortable condominiums with a central swimming pool. Due to the staggered layout of the condominiums, this touristic Complex turns out to be very compact, resulting on a very close access to the beach.


After you have made your mind for one of these fabulous options, do not hesitate to contact the vacation professionals at 1-888-262-4508 (from the U.S.) or at 01-800-700-7795 within México. The friendly staff of Sea Side Reservations will be ready to assist you and to make your stay and unforgettable experience. Further information available at the e-mail address helpdesk@seasidemexico.com or feel free to visit their web page www.seasidemexico.com  . Enjoy your stay!


By: Carla Seldner / Visit Rocky Point. April, 2013

Comments welcome at:  helpdesk@seasidemexico.com

sizzling event 2011

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Sonora ticketed front row

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

In my imagination the Sonora state resembles the actress Maria Felix, the delicious flour tortillas Caborca, the gardens of houses in Alamos, the Sea of ​​Cortez, the tang of bacanora, however, now, also been thinking about this I refer to the action. Recognizing Sonora
I had already seen the sinuosity of the Sierra Madre Occidental, since then I fell in love with its mountains, so close to the tropics,
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Nancy Hernández Yáñez Text
Photos of Mauricio Ramos
Besides its traditional bacanora, its huge flour tortillas and beautiful desert landscape, this state is ideal for rafting.
March 2011 manage, browse, explore and escape
A vent
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align themselves with moisture to become a haven for various forms of animal and plant life, but I never admitted to its mangroves and had sailed the rivers, so far I can say just beginning to learn Sonora.
I came directly to Los Alamos, I’ve always liked for its colonial houses of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, its orchards and gardens where they grow mangoes and pomegranates and seek beautiful flower beds, pools and fountains.
The first thing I did when arriving at Los Alamos was to meet my good friend Spiro Pavlovich, director of Municipal Tourism in Sonora who had prepared for me and the bike to visit the Sierra de San Bernardo. Pedaling at this place is like buying front row ticket to watch the spectacle of nature, this is one of the places in Mexico with the highest diversity and biological wealth, counting among its assets with 1,100 recorded species of higher plants and 351 species birds among which are the green macaw, the mountain parrot, the golden eagle, osprey, falcons, eagles and hawks, to name a few.
Then I went to Huatabampo (“Sauce on the Water” Cahita language), where the first thing I did was give me a swim at the beach and I was ready for the next stop: the mouth of the Rio Mayo, and back to water take a kayak trip to the sand dunes. The Mayo is the second largest river in Sonora and one of the few with perennial streams, their waters have subsided with the construction of a dam and are used for irrigation. By boat you can make a nice route and arrive at Santa Barbara, a town in May. And for lovers of photography, the ride offers amazing scenery. During the kayaking, bird watching that live among the mangroves, is the main activity, the “paddle” is just a complement, and be able to observe such beautiful birds in their natural habitat is carried throughout the function.
The time paddling to reach the dunes is about 40 minutes and believe me, it is worthwhile to do a river and join sand dunes in turn are attached to the sea, is not an everyday thing. And in the dunes, you can practice
Sea travel the Yucatan Peninsula to view the union of the Gulf of Mexico with the Ocean Caribe.Duisissequat vulputpat, at smodipit veliqui.

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sandboarding-slide through the sand on a table-sport very exciting. The show must go on
And yes. Navopatia continued to reach, where a stately home mangle a family of dolphins! More birds! so again I got to kayak to admire and, plus, I had the opportunity to see a forest of pitayas, something unknown to me. This place is an hour and a half of Huatabampo and is ideal for the practice of camping, it’s so neat its variety of birds that settled here a research center at the University of Washington for bird watching as caracara The black duck, the white pelican, the Harris hawk and woodpeckers, among many others.
The best thing about camping in Navopatia happens at night when you can throw more
Equipment, organization of tours and guides for bird watching (http://www.solipaso.com/ info@solipaso.com).
Sonora Tourist Information
Spiro Pavlovich, Pavlovichspiro.pavlovich @ gmail.com
Accommodations in Alamos
www.elpedregalmexico.compara just watch the sky and its stars. The sunrises are also spectacular, the sun emerges on the horizon and tones ranging from red to yellow through blue, shades to which no words to describe them. After the show I went to the Kawi May Hill to practice trekking, fresh air and admire nature. Perm voluntary anencia
Staying in Sonora is an almost irresistible temptation, but I have to go. On another occasion again to visit indigenous communities and Mayo gaurijios to learn about their origins, their culture and how they have adapted to civilization.
What is not left yet but I will return to do was eat the rich flour tortillas, machaca and coyotes. KEEP WELL HYDRATED SKIN IS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE AS THE WIND FRICTION AND SON SAL ABRASIVE.
Sea travel the Yucatan Peninsula to view the union of the Gulf of Mexico with the Ocean Caribe.Duisissequat vulputpat, at smodipit veliqui

Join forces to increase the number of foreign and domestic visitors

Thursday, April 7th, 2011


Rocky Point as the best destination for foreign and domestic tourists is part of the 2011 Priorities of Mayor Alejandro Zepeda said Munro after leading an important meeting accompanied by Rodolfo López Negrete Chairman of the Mexico Tourism Board (MTB).

During your visit to this municipality the Head of the CPTM prison along with the Mayor this important meeting which brought together representatives of the CVB, Sonora Tourism, hoteliers, developers and federal officials exposed the importance of continuing to work together to raise promotion of the Sonoran Spa.

In the presence of the Coordinator for the Promotion of Tourism in Sonora Javier Tapia Camou, managers of the various committees stressed that its main objective is to recover market share in addition to continuing international growth market.

Showed interest in highlighting the benefits of this city with the opening of charter flights to the Bajio and Baja California in addition to the connectivity that exists with the coastal road which will allow more people visit us every year so they can enjoy the natural beauty that has our port.

It said the resumption of charter flights from the cities of Queretaro and Tijuana Chihuahua besides the April 15 which approach a higher number of visitors, so soon is to add high-impact cities like Las Vegas Nevada, Canada, and Phoenix Arizona.

Munro Zepeda said that by working with the Federation, the state, private media and opinion leaders in this municipality may open up new markets such as Baja Calirnia, United States, Canada and possibly to increase the flow of tourists to the city .

During the fruitful meeting called for support in our city to develop world-class events that bring thousands of spectators from various destinations, this key point of this tour such as Port Biosphere Reserve Pinacate, plus continue to promote overseas with the support of public relations in target markets.

Rodolfo López Negrete external that has a very clear vision of where you want to go by what he will join forces with three levels of government to support largely on the evolution and transformation of this city with events and other activities will disseminate this tourist destination to national and international level.

He stressed the importance of publicizing the tourist spots of the city so that more people show interest in this wonderful place and thus fulfill the objectives are drawn for the benefit of this municipality.

The Head of the Commune good dispocion thanked the Chairman of the Tourism Council for the interest you have to work for Puerto Penasco for more and more people come to appreciate the attractions that account and become the best destination for tourists and for its own inhabitants.

The meeting was attended by the President of the Convention and Visitors Bureau Héctor Vázquez de Mercado, the Delegate for Tourism Laura Palacio Soto, Oscar Palacio Soto and others


Friday, April 1st, 2011

With the airways of Juarez. Queretaro and Tijuana, Peñasco is the closest beach destination

Will be tentatively on 15 April when he restarted for the second time the rate charter tourist flights, the Air Globar Mexican company, with routes Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Queretaro and Tijuana, Oscar Palacio Soto, representative of the Port Hotel Peñasco.
The dynamic is the same as the one held last year, said Stewart Hall, where charter flights from three different points of the Mexican Republic arrive in the Sea of ​​Cortez airport on Monday and Friday of each week, so that new account is opened the air travel market in the northwestern state.
He noted that thanks to the efforts of Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, the state governor, Guillermo Padres, the coordinator of Tourism, Javier Tapia Camou and the company Global Air, you bet again to Rocky Point as a destination top tourist and where entrepreneurs from different sectors need to be united and ready to receive important air travel market.
“We have a strong promotional campaign in Ciudad Juarez, Queretaro and Tijuana for opening of tourist type charter flights company Global Air, April 15, so we’re betting a lot on tourism by air, the government state and the company chartered and conventions and we for our part we are in the logistics for transporting passengers, “said the representative of the hotel in Rocky Point.
Soto Palacio states that Puerto Peñasco is the closest beach destination to all the people out of Querétaro and the center of the republic in terms of flight hours, so you must take this situation certainly benefiting all sectors tour of the port.
He recognized that the new airport Sea of ​​Cortez is sacrificing economic revenue for this market is an embodiment air, so the hotel developers must do their part to attractive promotions, in addition to the population and service providers must improve care for the new tourist feel comfortable and safe in your care.
He noted the gratitude to the state government when these conventions and be a guarantee to the airline and the support of municipal authorities for facilitating the things that allow a greater influx of tourists in Puerto Peñasco and the opening for the second time in the tourist market air in this beach resort in northwestern Sonora

Rocky Point Hotel Reservations

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Recently we where asked what would be a good com pany we could refer people to for Rocky Point Hotels  we recomend Sea Side Reservations for all your hotel needs in Rocky Point Mexico. Alexis Watts has run the company now for 13 years and he and his crew is very knowledgable about Puerto Penasco Motels

Seasidemexico.com – Great Site!

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

If you want a great vacation location at a reasonable price then check out Rocky Point house rentals. These houses and hotels are located in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. There are many beautiful hotels a well as beach front homes to choose from with all the ammenties. The rates are extremely reasonable even during peak season and Holidays. The website Seasidemexico.com also offers other vacation locations in Baja California and San Carlos, Mexico. The site has tons of pictures of each hotel so you know exactly what to expect, no surprises here. Seasidemexico.com also has tabs for local events and activities in the different areas surrounding the hotels or at the hotels. There is a lot of helpful travel info as well. This site has everything to plan your Mexican beach vacation.

Rocky Point Pizzazz

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

The battle of the beaches: Two seaside towns on the Gulf of California are tussling for tourists. Both promise sun, sand and serenity. But San Felipe is quaint. Penasco has more pizzazz. And they both want you.


Puerto Penasco Mexico

Once, it was enough to be Arizona’s beach, a nice wide patch of below-the-border shoreline where college kids could camp out and drink too much.

But now, it wants to be more than a mere party town. In less than a decade, more than three-dozen condo towers have risen in this town’s Sandy Beach area, surrounded by ever-widening waves of upscale vacation homes. It looks like a cellphone commercial by Samuel Beckett, all these rectangles of steel and glitz erupting at the edge of the barren, sandpaper-flat desert.

“Sandy Beach is like Maui. This is the happening spot,” condo sales specialist Mary Snyder told me as we stood in a model unit. “Out by the Mayan” — half an hour south of town — “is like Kauai.”

Because this is the desert and you can’t surf here, Snyder’s Hawaiian analogy is slightly imperfect. But it tells you something about Penasco’s ambitions.

Puerto Penasco (also known as Rocky Point) has been growing like a four-star weed, and it wants to steal visitors from Baja California — not only from San Felipe, its sibling across the sea, but also from the golfing-fishing-partying-and-real-estate-speculating juggernaut now known as Los Cobos.

The first flights from California started landing here Oct. 30 — three turboprop planes a week from LAX. A new airport, big enough to accommodate jets, is supposed to make its debut by summer 2009. And a new highway to the north is due to open later this year, shortening the drive from Southern California by about 100 miles.

So Puerto Penasco wants us. But do we want Puerto Penasco?

Some of us won’t. If you’re in search of cobblestone streets or colonial architecture or tropical landscapes or big waves, you’d be wasting your time here.

But if you’re looking for Mexican beachfront lodgings, fishing, watersports, off-roading and golf — well, many prices are lower here than in Los Cabos, and many penthouses are higher. And because this place has more than twice the population of San Felipe, it has more action as well.



A character study of two Mexican vacation towns

Sonora’s Puerto Penasco and Baja California’s San Felipe appeal in different ways to visitors from north of the border.



One day I found myself squinting at the sea from a Sonoran Sun Condo development, looking out a window filled with nothing but sky and sea. Far below, a lone couple strolled the chilly beach beside a row of palapas. This lavishly furnished unit, with three bedrooms, a kitchen and 1,600 square feet of patio space.

Meanwhile, just a mile or two up the coast lies the Reef, a beachfront restaurant, bar, RV park and convenience store that stands perfectly as a symbol of the older, grittier Penasco. It’s $5 a night to camp, the floor of the bar is concrete and the restaurant’s cuisine, according to its local advertising, is “gormet.”

For those who would rather skip 21st century civilization and commune instead with the stark natural landscape, there are the craters and lava fields of El Pinacate national park, 32 miles north of town. There’s a kayak rental operation by the old port, and San Jorge island, 27 miles away by boat, offers birding and snorkeling in the company of sea lions. The Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, a local environmental group, organizes other day trips as well.

The year-round population, growing fast, is about 60,000, most of whom live on the dirt streets set back from the beachfront resort zone. To the north is Cholla Bay, where the first  American vacation rentals started taking shape more than a decade ago. To the south is Las Conchas, a newer enclave of vacation homes, many still under construction.

The Puerto Penasco area has two 18-hole golf courses, both completed in 2006. (Los Cabos has seven; San Felipe, one.) There are ATV and watersports rentals, sunset cruises and plenty of bars.

Looking upon the sea on the evening of my arrival, a single shrimp boat cruised along. The beach, vast and litter-free, was nearly empty, amid gusty winds and 65-degree temperatures, routine for January. And as I watched, the beach grew: The tide was going out on a full-moon evening, and the difference between high and low tide here can be a quarter-mile.

If you keep your eyes on the sea and sky, you can easily imagine Penasco’s days as a fishing camp in the 1930s, and its emergence as a party place after the paved road to Arizona went through in the 1940s. These days, it’s illegal to take the storied totuava, a now-endangered fish that was plentiful in the 1950s and ’60s. But the catch still includes plenty of big fish: bass, corvina, grouper, pompano, sierra and yellowtail from boats, trigger fish from the shore.

Every spring, visitors come flooding in, including thousands of spring-breakers from the  Arizona, New Mexico , texas and colorado.  Throughout the spring, the summer and fall, it’s the Arizonians who keep Puerto Penasco busy.

The tourism office counts more than 72 restaurants in town, along with 14 RV and camping facilities  and dozens of hotels, motels and condo resort developments, with perhaps 5,000 rooms. Though most of the condo buildings are huddled along Sandy Beach, some of the fanciest lodgings lie half an hour south at the 3-year-old Mayan Palace, which combines time-share units with short-term rentals — at $395 a night and up.

I stayed, with mixed results, at the Peñasco del Sol Hotel, which somebody is going to have to nominate as a historic structure pretty soon — after all, it dates all the way to the early 1990s, when it was built near the Old Port area under the name Plaza las Glorias. And there’s another reason the Peñasco del Sol stands out.

For More information check out Rocky Point Information

Sea Side Reservation becomes a ResortQuest associate

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

For immediate distribution

Seaside Reservation joins forces with Largest Property Management Company in America.
ResortQuest is the largest marketer and management company of vacation rentals in the U.S. By offering nearly 10,000 vacation condominiums and home rentals in resort destinations throughout the U.S. ,Canada, and now Mexico, Resort Quest is unlike any other company  since it is the industry’s largest property management and vacation rental company, Resort Quest offers vacation rental partners  properties  unmatched marketing exposure.
Starting June of 2008 Seaside Reservations has become an exclusive strategic partner with resort quest for all the Rocky Point area. This strategic alliance not only creates an unparalleled marketing reach for Sea Side owners. Resort Quest also now shares it’s hospitality training, Internet marketing, and management know how and business training programs.
Resort Quest produces monthly web seminars to help educate it’s offices and strategic partners on best practices in the vacation rental industry. A team of internet marketing specialists will be tracking and working with our website to help improve our already dominant presence on search engines and key portal websites. Now Sea Side will be able to use these corporate resources to help advance the professionalism of our people and  the business systems we employ
Starting June of 2008 Seaside owners will be able to trade time with other vacation properties in the Resort Quest inventory from all over the world. We will be sending out more details on how to participate in this new offering.
We will be branding the websites with our new Resort Quest affiliate logo and showing that Sea Side now has the worlds largest property management company behind it.