CANACO Reports A Good 2007, Optimistic Forecast For 2008

Border Governor’s Conference, Tourism, Development All Bode Well For Penasco In 2008, Says CANACO

By Ivan Bravo Lopez
Issue #451

Even though the last month of the year suffered a significant decrease in many commercial areas, CANACO (Camara Nacional de Comercio de la Ciudad de Mexico – Mexico’s System of Local Chambers of Commerce and Development) managed to close out a good year according to its director Arturo Rodriguez Rico. CANACO met their goals and more, as evidenced by the meeting of the border state governors, which was seen as a huge success.

Arturo Rodriguez Rico, President of the National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) said that despite the economic recession suffered by the US, many associates of CANACO with business interests are closing out the year very well. That is due the fact that December is the month with the biggest increase in sales.

“It was a positive year for the growth and development of the economy of Puerto Peñasco, we were the hosts of the most important event in the history of this port, the meeting of the border state governors. It was a huge success and received publicity worldwide, pubolicity that would have cost the Chamber of Commerce millions of pesos but was completely free. Its results will hopefully be noticeable in 2008 and 2009,” he said.

The president of CANACO said that many State Programs came to Puerto Peñasco and accomplished important improvements. Authorities from SEDESOL (Mexico’s Secretariat of Social Development) and PASOS (?) have constantly visited our port to support and encourage the associated merchants of CANACO.

“Guatimoc Iberri Gonzalez and ‘Chito’ Celaya have repeatedly visited us and they have brought important projects to Puerto Peñasco that are already underway, which shows that the State Authorities care about those who live and own businesses here,” he said.

“There are many projects in Puerto Peñasco that were already in place as well as new ones. Although some have not yet started, we are taking full advantage of those already here which will help the chance of further improvements next year,” said Arturo Rodriguez Rico.

He also pointed out that cross-border traffic is expected to only will rise in the upcoming years and that that will bring other economic benefits, as the economic structure in the port depends mostly on tourism.

“Puerto Peñasco depends on tourism, and with the opening of the new international airport and with the improvements at the border crossings … CANACO is expecting an economic boom to take place. In past years and in 2007 we expected tourism mainly from Arizona. But with the new infrastructure next year we expect tourists from California and Colorado, as well as people that will come by air on new commercial flights. So we are expecting a sudden increase to the economy since Puerto Peñasco is an excellent destination,” said the president of Canaco.

He also added that due to the stop of the developers, the last months of the year were economically weak, but that the economy typically comes back to normality beginning with the first trimester of the year. A few U.S. holidays are coming up that brings surges of tourists who prefer to come to Puerto Peñasco for their vacations. He also commented that the ‘snowbirds’ – the seasonal visitors from outside the Southwest regions – are starting to arrive to this port early this year, and with them the associates of CANACO will benefit.

To finalize, Arturo Rodriguez Rico said that there are more than 300 members associated with CANACO, and that next year they will look for more members to join the Chamber to help strengthen and create newer and better programs.

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