Calderon announces investment of 5.5 billion pesos

Calderon announces investment of 5.5 billion pesos

State higway to be modernized.


During his recent tour to the city, President Felipe Calderon stated there are resources totaling nearly 5.5 billion pesos for the development of infrastructure in Sonora, underscoring the need to expand a four- lane highway from Don Station to Nogales.

President Calderon ratified his desire to work for the entire Sonoran community, stressing the importance of investing in infrastructure in order to further competition and the welfare of all Mexicans.

In the case of Sonora, he noted that in the current year they will put 1.3 billion pesos towards projects of water, sewage, irrigation, sanitation, and the modernizing of highways and rural roads.







“ I know a sensitive issue is the modernization of the highway from Don Station to Nogales, which is the spinal column of the state and has tremendous importance for the economy of the region,” he stated.

“Therefore”, he added, “I have sent instructions both to the Secretary of Communications and Transport, as well as to the Director of Banobras, so that jointly with the state government the provision of the resources is made possible which will allow for the beginning of the modernization of the Don Station – Nogales highway within the short term, which will benefit all Sonorans.”

Calderon stressed that in addition to promoting other crucial projects for the development of the stated, as is the construction of three more docks for various specialties of maritime commerce, he announced that soon they would begin the tendering process for a new freight terminal in Guaymas set to vitalize that port within the state.









“It will be a port terminal specialized in the freight containers, with a capacity for 200,000 containers per year, through an investment of more than 550 million pesos and one that will surely further promote the development that many Sonorans have done in this port, “ he indicated.

President Calderon Hinojosa called for unity so that Mexico may change and become a prosperous and just nation, which we all desire.

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