Border Governor’s Conference

Probably the most important event in Puerto Peñasco since Al Capone left town is happening next week. Puerto Peñasco will be on the national and international stage as hosts for the 25th Annual Border Governor’s Conference from September 26th-28th. Governor Eduardo Bours of Sonora is hosting the conference along with the Vice-Chair of the Conference, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California. They will welcome U.S. Governors Janet Napolitano of Arizona, current Presidential candidate Bill Richardson of New Mexico and Rick Perry of Texas, along with Mexican Governors Natividad Gonzalez of Nuevo Leon, Jose Reyes Baeza of Chihuahua, Eugenio Elorduy of Baja California, Humberto Moreira of Coahuila and Eugenio Hernandez of Tamaulipas.

Also expected to make appearances in Puerto Peñasco are Mexican President Felipe Calderon (his first visit as President) and Secretary of U.S. Homeland Security Michael Chertoff.

The importance of this event to Puerto Peñasco probably cannot be overstated as it will showcase the city in the national and international media as an up-and-coming vacation destination and a place where growth and investment is occurring. Much of the pomp and circumstance will take place in Sandy Beach, hosted by Las Palomas, Puerta Privada, Peñasco del Sol and other resorts, with the larger group events held in the pavilion you may have seen being built to the west of the Esmeralda construction site.

Many of the activities will consist of invite-only closed meetings, meals and the plenary session with delegates and governors participating. However, the public will have a chance to catch a glimpse of the Governors at the inauguration of the refurbished Governor’s Square on the Malecón in Old Port. According to the conference schedule, the inauguration will take place at 3:45 pm on Thursday, the 27th, with Governor Bours and the Honorable Arturo Sarukhan (Mexico Ambassador to the U.S.) speaking. It appears the official conference photograph will be taken at this event, so I expect all Governors and other dignitaries to attend. But I can almost guarantee it will be a logistical nightmare getting that many diplomats and their security teams into the Old Port. So if you are going, go very early to try to get a good view. I would welcome submission of any pictures that people take of the event or of the Governors around town.  

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