Biologist Alejandro Castillo, Sub Director of CEDO given national award

Biologist  Alejandro Castillo,  Sub Director of CEDO,  Given National Award
Alejandro Castillo Lopez, Sub Director of the Intercultural Center of Desert and Ocean Studies (CEDO), was recently granted the National Youth Award, presented by Mexico President Felipe Calderon. The award is presented each year to young leader whose contributions to Mexican society are truly noteworthy.
Together with 19 other young men and women, Castillo received a monetary award, a gold medal and a diploma signed and presented by the President of Mexico in the city’s capital.
Through a CEDO press release it was reported that although clearly this is a tremendous honor for Alejandro Castillo, he says he would have happily traded in the award for the guarantee that the laws of Mexico are abided by, offering true protection of the country’s natural resources.
“Alejandro is dedicated to the protection of the environment and believes that this is the only way to help the country resolve problems associated with the extreme poverty that affects so many people throughout Mexico,” states the release.
The statement stresses that Alejandro’s interest in the environment began at a very early age and has always been evident. He studied biology at the University of the America in Puebla, where he obtained a scholarship given his exceptional work.
After graduating in 2005, he moved to Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, to work at CEDO as coordinator of programs of coastal conservation and sustainable development. Currently, he is the Sub Director of CEDO.
The principal objective of Alejandro’s work at CEDO has been the conversation of the estuaries in the region. As one of the most productive ecosystems in the world, the estuaries are being threatened by coastal development along the shores of the Gulf of California.
In 2006 Alejandro created an eco-tourism route known as NaturArte, a project that has allowed CEDO to support development and connect the eco-tourism market with community businesses located by the estuaries.
The NaturArte tours provide visitors the possibility to enjoy areas of tremendous natural beauty while at the same time supporting environmentally friendly local businesses. The project also provides funds for the protection of these key habitats.
In 2007 Alejandro won an award from the University of the Valley of Mexico for the NaturArte Project, as being one of the best programs of social development led by young Mexican men and women.
During recent years, Alejandro has been part of CEDO and has become a leader in the conservation of Mexico contributing not only to the preservation of wetlands, but also to key marine environments. Alejandro Castillo does not hesitate in continuing to contribute in an important way to the conservation of the richness of the natural resources of Mexico.

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