An attraction for tourists and people from Rocky Point is the binoculars installed by the Cooperative Jasay Star Peñasco.  

These binoculars have a field of view of seven kilometers away, enough to appreciate the resorts and all beach runner. Victor Portela, is the driving force behind the project.    To enjoy these binoculars will have to deposit 5 pesos for every peso and 25 cents is entered will be used to support social programs being developed by the DIF.

 These binoculars have a height of 1.62 cm are made of steel and aluminum and have a 285-degree horizontal movement and freedom of movement of 35 degrees.

 This is another way to leverage our environment and enjoy it and what better way than seeing Cortez Sea from sunrise to sunset.

You can see the hills of the California low easily or shrimp boats and because there tourists who enjoy boating.

 It is another attraction to the boardwalk to motivate people to return and enjoy the beauty of the sea.   Do not forget to bring your coins get to enjoy these

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