Big Yard Sale to Benefit Animals of Rocky Point

The last yard sale to benefit the animal adoption center in Rocky Point drew hundreds and hundreds of people and was a huge success. The demand for another sale has prompted Nancy Phelan to enlist the help of her volunteers and have another on April 20th, 2002.
     This community yard sale effort is set up so everyone can participate. You can set up your own space and sell your wares, baked goods, crafts, used items, etc. (with a portion of your proceeds going to the adoption center) or you can donate items to be sold. At the last sale there were many donated items as well as vendors selling their wares and used goods. The stream of people started at 8:00 AM and kept coming all day long. As well as items for sale there were many cats and dogs up for adoption.
    For those of you who don’t know, Nancy Phelan, has created an animal adoption center, which has been running out of her home. She has turned her yard and home into a haven for stray cats and dogs needing medical care, a loving home and attention. Many volunteers have donated their time building dog houses, fences and pens and others have donated cleaning supplies, cat food and litter, medicine, dog food and pet supplies in general. Nancy is now working on expanding her operation to be able to help more stray animals in the city. Her plans include a larger adoption center, educating the youth of Puerto Peñasco and eventually to rid the city streets of homeless animals.
    The money raised from the last yard sale went for medicine, food and the general care and upkeep of the 50+ animals she houses. The proceeds from this yard sale will also go for the care and feeding of the animals. Come out to the yard sale and see your donations at work!
    The animal adoption center is located on Leon de la Barra (Calle 15). Take the main blvd. north from the overpass and make a right at the electric company. Go up 3 blocks and it will be on your left hand side (I block behind the Hotel Villa Granda).
    The sale will start at 8:00 PM and will probably go on until 2:00 or 3:00 PM. Start cleaning out those closets or making those crafts and come on out – it is surely going to be another beautiful day in Rocky Point.

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