Rocky beaches are clean and ready to receive the influx of tourism in the coming tourist dates: to the head of the Health Regulation Unit in Puerto Penasco, Ivan Valenzuela Meza.
The state official said the results of monitoring carried out in recent days showed that the conditions of the waters of the Sea of Cortez in Puerto Peñasco are free of any solid material and debris that may be harmful to the spas of this port and the tourists themselves who visit us.
He stressed that there are seven points of beach and water are reviewed and monitored every three weeks when the number of tourists decreases, so that the flow start dates to the beaches every three days as in the case of Easter and summer.
The conditions are optimal at this time for spas seeking to recreate in the waters of the cuts they can do it without any problems, history of Rocky Point beaches are free from any condition that may affect tourism dates, “the official said .
Revealed that permanent monitoring points are from Bonita Beach to the shores of Sandy Beach, spas favorite places to spend your vacation in this tourist port.
Meza Valenzuela said that because there is a constant O tides on the beaches in full support to the results of the monitoring test positive and free from contamination, as the ebb and flow of the tides causes water of this part of the Sea of Cortes is kept clean.
“It helps a lot in that sea area sea water cuts come and go, so is constantly filtered and free of impurities and solid materials, nature and history is far from Peñasco pollution”, he said.
Finally the head of the Health Regulation Unit reported that in coming days to initiate the monitoring of different pools of Puerto Peñasco in order to be free from the free-living amoeba and thus safeguard the physical integrity and health people who use.

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