Beach clean-up campaign launched at Mayan palace with the objective of keeping beaches in the region clean while protecting local flora and fauna.

Members from the operations Committee and Executive Committee of Mayan Palace Puerto Peñasco participated in the first stage of the clean up. The crews met up on Wednesday, July 9th to take part in the initial clean-up stretching across 1.5 kilometers of beach. However, given everyone[s enthusiasm, the 15 participants were able to cover an area of approximately 3.5 kilometers!

The clean-up began at the peninsula Golf Course and wrapped up in the International Sales hall of the development.

Results raked in the collections of 36 bags filled with trash, weighing at approximately 1.2000 kg. each. This represents an average collection per person of about 80 kg. of trash!!

There’s still much to be done, but through joint efforts we continue to get closer to reaching our goal and in this way each put in our own grain of salt towards preserving the equilibrium of local ecologic system.

Mayan palace Puerto Peñasco maintains its constant concern for the environment. The company has a permanent campaign of waste separation, promoting the recycling of different materials including aluminum, cardboard and plastic. The program is being carried out through a process of revising collected trash in order to classify and divide it into categories. Once this is completed, the resulting product is sent to companies specializing in recycling. The Department of Ecology oversees the work to assure that it is being done correctly.

A follow un clean-up is to take place soon with the participation of other members from both Committees in order to further the campaign, so that rather than just solely an activity it becomes a frequent habit for all.

This is a huge task but, with the participation of everyone and through constant clean-up efforts, tremendous changes may be made!

Article from Jon Us Magazine

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