AZ Republic – Get Off Our Back!

We’re sorry, but can the AZ Republic EVER write something GOOD about Rocky Point? Every single one of the last 3 or 4 articles have been negative. Never do they point out all the good things, like the airport or the coastal highway or the new infrastructure we have, or the great things that Americans are doing to help the less privilaged or the charity events sending hundreds of kids to school, or the clean up efforts – the beach comber, the new garbage trucks, the animal control diminishing the number of stay animals, or the paving of SO many streets, the health inpectors cracking down on restaurant food handling standards…are you seeing where we’re going with this? The list is endless.

Maybe if they interviewed people other than those that shelled out tons of cash without seeing anything but sand dunes, then they’d get a better perspective of what’s really going on here…

Bad real estate transactions happen everywhere, even in the USA – A.R.M’s anyone?? If that wasn’t pulling the wool over people’s eyes, then we don’t know what was. Some of those companies never disclosed that the rates would sky rocket in 3-5-7 years causing the USA housing market would crash like it has.

There are PLENTY of happy investors here that did their homework before throwing their life savings and what not into their real estate purchase.

PS: Last we heard, Playa Azul gave back 85% of the investors’ money they had in the project.

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