Dismissal of plans to increase water, trash collection and property taxes.


The City Council, meeting in full session, unanimously approved an initiative of the Income aw for the 2010 fiscal year to reduce income by 7.8% in relation to the current year without increasing the cost of basic services.


Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro reported that in addition to a decrease in resources, within the proposal sent to the state Congress they did not modify fees for the payment of water, trash collection or property taxes, which will remain at the same levels at this past year.


During a press conference, the City Leader detailed the projection for Municipal Income for 2010 is along the lines of $ 288,712, 447 pesos, implying a 7.8% reduction, which is in contrast to other municipalities where there have been increases among the majority of them.


He explained for the current year, there was an approved amount of 4 308,062,299 pesos, which is nearly 20 million pesos more than that approved for 2010.


He justified the decision of reducing the income budget by just under 10% given that, although collections in the municipal holdings fell in recent months by 50% they anticipate a rebound in the local economy for incoming year.


The City Leader stressed the decrease foreseen in municipal income will not affect upcoming work, as everything has been well planned based on the specific needs of the City.


He explained in order to begin 2010, they have taken into consideration a series of actions to help motivate taxpayers and increase collections for the city’s holdings, one of these being discounts for timely payment of property taxes during the early months of the year, as well as a raffle of a car from among those who pay, in addition to other incentives.


He clarified they will principally work to provide incentives to responsible tax payers and will jot reward those in default.


He noted that as necessary, they will act under legal means to collect taxes; given that majority of those in debt have the ability to pay.


Zepeda Munro remarked that once the income budget for 20101 is approved by City Council, the next step will be send it on to the State Congress for corresponding approval or modification, if the local representatives were consider this necessary.


The mayor indicated the budget for the Municipal Office of Potable Water, Sewage and Sanitation (OOMAPAS) is $ 51,880,734 pesos, while for the Office for the Comprehensive Management Of Municipal Sanitation Services (OOMISLIM) is $ 6,341, 392 pesos.


The Mayor recognized the willingness of City representatives in progressing through team work, as this will allow for them to achieve a project in a manner and time that will benefit the entire community.


This is the second consecutive year in which the city Council has authorized a decrease in the Income Law initiative as there was a 5% decrease in 2009, and now an estimated drop of 7.8% for 2010.

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