Athletes raise money for Japan

The so-called ‘Team Japan’ has collected $ 227 000 in five days to help earthquake victims, it leads the athlete Dai Tamesue
A group of Japanese athletes, some of them from their places of competition or training abroad in five days has raised $ 227 000 to help victims of the earthquake that struck the country last week.

The group ‘Team Japan’ was established on March 13th, two days after the quake, led by Dai Tamesue athlete, twice a bronze medal in World championships in 400m hurdles, who has provided 80 000 600 dollars.

“It breaks my heart not be there to help. I’m currently in San Diego, but this devastating crisis has made me realize that my heart is with the people of Japan. As athletes, we never give up. So we play to our . I have faith that Japan will never surrender. We have the strength to overcome this tragedy, “said Dai Tamesue

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