Airlines interested in Rocky Point

Airlines show interest in Rocky Point

Discussions held with national and international companies

By: Guadalupe Cabrera

Information taken from: Join us newspaper

Although during these trying times, particularly in the area of the economy, it is not really feasible to implement direct commercial flights to Puerto Peñasco, there are still airlines interested in venturing into this area, reports Alonso Dominguez Ruiz, administrator of the Sea of Cortez International Airport.


Dominguez Ruiz indicated they have met with both national and international companies including Sky West, US Airways, Aeromexico, and Aereo Calafia, among others.

He noted that even as of the November inauguration of the new terminal, there was interest in venturing into this region as a new stop along flight routes.

He indicated the Sea of Cortez airport had only been in operation for about two months and has awoken tremendous interest given the importance Puerto Peñasco now has a tourist destination.

Dominguez Ruiz indicated they will remain in contact with the various airlines who have demonstrated interest in Puerto Peñasco, and will seek out others, as the objective of the Sea of Cortez airport is to create an influx of aerial tourism within the mid-term.


He indicated it is not possible to forecast how long it will take to begin receiving commercial flights from either national or international airlines, yet they will do whatever is necessary to assure this can be done within the shortest amount of time possible.

Domínguez Ruiz noted that for now, the Sea of Cortez airport has begun operations nationally.

However, he added, they have the ability to operate new routes to and from various cities abroad as the desire is for Peñasco to one day receive numerous tourists from across the globe, in addition to those from the U.S.

It is worth noting the new Sea of Cortez airport, into which 450 million pesos were invested and that is conditioned to receive Boeing 737-700 planes, began operations at the end of October and was formally inaugurated by Mexican President Felipe Calderón on November 5, 2009.

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