The “New and Improved” Peñasco Del Sol Resort was recently the host to about one hundred and fifty real estate professionals. This highly successful event was a wonderful testament to a newly renovated resort hotel.
The Arizona Association of Realtors joined forces with A.M.P.I., (Mexico’s National association of Realtors) to highlight the benefits that both teams bring to the table in a cooperative way.
The event brought Realtors from Mexico City, Guadalajara, Hermosillo and other Mexican destinations to share ideas with Realtors from all over Arizona.
This third annual event opened with a very informative class presented by Attorney Raul O’Farrill. Raul discussed the nuts and bolts of Mexican Real Estate Law. This class was approved as continuing education for both Arizona Realtors as well as Mexico Realtors. (A.M.P.I. certified agents.) Raul who is with O’Farrill & associates and president of OTP Trust, presents many of the monthly A.M.P.I. certification courses held here in Puerto Peñasco.
This class was followed by a mini marketing session and cocktail party which was a great networking opportunity allowing all to make new friends, share ideas, and get caught up on what is happening in this town. Many Arizona delegates had never been here, for others, it had been many years. One comment that seemed to sum up the thoughts of many attendees was, “Last time I was here there was nothing but sand on Sandy Beach”. Many of the guests reflected on their Spring Break memories. Obviously much has changed since then, with thousands of condos now gracing the skyline, housing the millions of visitors each year.
The following day the attendees heard updates regarding licensing and certification in Mexico. Registration with the state of Sonora is already a reality. In order to be registered, an agent must pass a background check, have all legal documentation to work in Mexico and be up to date on the continuing education programs provided by A.M.P.I. A.M.P.I. members are registered with the state.
Other topics of importance were the privatization of large land expanses called Ejidos. An Ejido is basically land granted to communal or family groups with rights to use, not to sell. The privatization process allows Ejido lands to be sold legally and many large coastal regions are being opened up in this way.
There was a panel of lenders on board to discuss financing opportunities here in Mexico. Les Levitt with Playa Capital and Tim Kelly from the IMI Group answered questions about some exciting new programs available for perspective homebuyers. Lending has become a reality here in Rocky Point and is similar in process to lending in the United States.
 A.M.P.I. National sent Sergio Dueñas and President Elect Mario Aviles to announce among other things that A.M.P.I. and the National Association of Realtors have joined forces. As a member of A.M.P.I. an agent is automatically a Realtor with N.A.R. credentials. This means that the accreditation of A.M.P.I. is accepted worldwide as the standard in the real estate community of Mexico.
The final segment brought together legal experts from all over Mexico to answer questions and discuss such current topics as they came up from the attendees. Many agents were interested in learning how they can profit from the referral programs offered by both entities.
After all the passing of knowledge was digested, the guests were treated first to a sunset cruise and then an elaborate beach party at the Reef Restaurant on Sandy Beach.
The Peñasco Del Sol Resort, A.M.P.I., and the Arizona Association of Realtors pulled off an amazing event. It was wonderful because of a lot of hard work, and cooperation of a great team. This event takes place annually and is rotated between Arizona and Sonora.
 Kent White
Realty Executives Rocky Point



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