Areomexico completes flights from Hermosillo to Rocky Point

Aeromexico recently completed its first successful flight to Puerto Peñasco from the capital city of Sonora, Hermosillo. The flight took approximately one hour, and directors of the commercial airline Aerolitoral traveled to inaugurate the beginning of commercial flights connecting Hermosillo and Puerto Penasco.

Awaiting at the airport for the inaugural flight to land was the Mayor of the city, Heriberto Renteria Sanchez. He was in charge of welcoming the flight crew after the successful landing. Minutes after, the airplane’s door opened and the 33 passengers that made history came out waving. Some of the passengers on board included the Tourism Commission Coordinator in Sonora, Lic. Epifanio Salido Pavlovich, and Aerolitoral Regional Subdirector, Genaro Esparragosa. They participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony. This marked the start of a series of flights route Hermosillo-Puerto Penasco on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 11:45am.

In such an exciting event, Salido Pavlovich mentioned “We are sure that this will be an absolute success since everyone wants to come to Puerto Penasco. The next flight, on Thursday is already full; all 33 seats have already been sold. Very soon we will also expand to the United States; we have Los Angeles as a possibility. We are just waiting for the inspection and the certification to become an international airport. When we can provide international flights we will have flights connecting anywhere in the world.”

He also added, “We have been working on this with the State Government for a year to accomplish our goal, we went to Aerolitoral Aeromexico and we told them ‘let’s go to Puerto Penasco, let’s go to Puerto Penasco,’ we knew that we had their trust. What has happened to this port in the last ten years has been phenomenal. This region has had an incredible growth; it was fueled by developers, local businesses, municipal authorities, state and federal government, the market, and investors. It was them that put Puerto Penasco on the map, it drives tourism in the northern part of the region.”

The Aerolitoral Regional Subdirector, Genaro Esparragosa said he was very excited about this new aeronautical adventure. Since Puerto Penasco has grown incredibly in the last 10 years he said that it was a dream come true to finally put the port on a world level. Thanks to the relationship that Aeromexico has with 7 other airlines Puerto Penasco is now a dot in any screen in practically 3000 other cities connected via Hermosillo.

He also added that the Aerolitoral line will have an added bonus in its commercial flights. All the passengers with different destinations that arrive to Hermosillo and wish to also travel to Puerto Penasco will only have to pay one more peso.

The Municipal President of Puerto Penasco considered the inauguration of these commercial flights as a sign of the strengthening of the high tourism development that Puerto Penasco has been enjoying for the past few years. He marked this event as just the beginning since there will be newer and better means of transportation in the future. He took the opportunity to thank the different government agencies, investors and tourism developers that will support the ongoing operations while the air travel service takes off. This will probably not take very long thanks to the high demand they expect.

Genaro Esparragosa mentioned that soon they will implement a first class service introducing to the commercial route a jet plane. Meantime there will be commercial flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 11:45am and they will have a capacity for 33 passengers. Each ticket costs 700 pesos (~$64 USD).

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