Approval of Municipal Development Plan

Approval of Municipal of Municipal Development Plan

Authorization given for creation of Cultural Institute

 By:  Guadalupe Cabrera

Information taken by: Join us newspaper


Authorization of the 2009-2012 Municipal Development Plan and the creation of the Puerto Peñasco Municipal Institute of Culture and Art, among other agreements, were addressed during the fifth ordinary full session of the City Council.


 A press release reported the local City Council unanimously approved the Municipal Development Plan, which includes priority projects and actions to be taken to benefit the entire community of Puerto Peñasco.

 During the ordinary session, held on January 7th, and led by Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, the Director of Planning and Economic Development, Víctor Mazón Muñoz, presented the plan which is to be published in the Official Journal of the State, publication costs which will be discounted from the municipal contribution.

 In the meeting, members from the governing body issued approval for the creation of a Municipal Institute of Culture and Art for Puerto Peñasco, which will substitute what, is currently known as the Department of Civic Action and Culture.

This agreement, as reported in the release, will provide greater faculties to draw in more programs and resources for the intensive promotion of culture throughout the city.

 Among other points reached, City Council members also gave authorization for a private company to carry out a study to see if there have been improper charges by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) to City Hall and, as appropriate, recover any amounts there may be.

 Furthermore, representatives voted in favor of the implementation of a Comprehensive Vacation Program for city employees to go into effect during periods at the end of the year and in the summer, in order to create a standard vacation period without hindering the work of the City or community services. Similarly, the City Council authorized the proposal presented by Mrs. Francisca Nidia Pino Montoya, with respect to naming one of the city’s streets after her deceased father, Abelardo  Pino Ruiz  “El Quemal”, in recognition of his contributions as one of the pioneers and founders of Peñasco. Under this point it was also agreed to change the name of 68th Ave. to Guadalupe Baca Cervantes.

 Finally, through a majority, representatives gave approval that the Office for the Comprehensive Management of Municipal Sanitation Services (OOMISLIM) implement charges for trash collection from officials from the first and second tiers of the Municipal Administration.

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