Amish, a society lost in time

The Amish are one of the most curious people of America to live the same way as was done in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, following a strict social code of ethics and guided by his fervent Christian faith and its total sense of belonging to a community unique.

This ethnic and cultural group descended from the Anabaptists Germans fleeing to Europe from the sixteenth century because of political and religious persecution they suffered at the hands of the Catholic Church and the reform movement. Mainly found in 22 settlements along the United States, primarily in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana, also have a presence in Ontario, Canada.

The lifestyle of these people is far from what generally prevails in the United States understood materialism, individualism and chronic violence. Their communities are closed, and everyone has a role within it, their way of life is natural, and collaboration, humility and respect are some of the pillars upon which governs the day to day Amish. This lifestyle is regulated in the “Ordnung” (set of rules based on the Bible) that each community has and abides by the Amish literally.

The Amish can highlight many peculiarities that led them to be known worldwide, such as his clothes and his enormous suspicion technologies and scientific advances (including electricity and modern medicine).

They have a pretty strict dress code, which basically dress up in clothes like those used in Central Europe and cantonal XVI century. Moreover, virtually all communities deny the button because it related to military jackets. The Amish are pacifists.

Something that draws attention to the outsider is the distrust of the Amish to technology and science today, to such an extent that do not use cars, electricity only and exclusively used in batteries of 12 volts for welding, battery charging and allow work milking cows, have no telephones or televisions, and hairdryers. Indeed, 12-volt batteries to use them can not generate the current necessary to use other electronic devices that may interfere with the simplicity of their community. Nor use the insurances (including doctors, despite paying taxes), in case of problems the community support each other.

The education received by the Amish is not taught in regular schools in the United States (thank goodness). The children leave school at age 14. Amish teach their teachers basically a German dialect known as “Deitsch” or “Pennsylvania German, English, High German (which is used in religious services), mathematics, health, geography, history and the Bible. For the Amish, agricultural and domestic skills are an important part in educating the child. Parents believe their children’s education should be strictly necessary to be a good farmer and a good father.
It is very difficult to take a picture in front of a member of the community, fleeing the cameras. Consider that the holy books Anabaptists (Old Testament for Catholics) prohibit the taking of snapshots

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