We popped down to Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point, Mexico for the weekend. Sallie had won the weekend in a charity silent auction a while back and organised for all of us to go.
Its a 6 hr drive from here and about 1 hour over the Mexican border on the coast of the Sea of Cortez and part of the Sonoran Desert.
The place is supported by rich Americans buying $500 K Beach houses and hordes of uni students descending over Spring Break. Its has been dissed because its not a real ‘Mexico’ experience, more like a China Town or Spanish Quarter. But hey, we had a great time anyway. It is off season, so few people, yummy seafood tacos and that great ocean smell.
We also bought two hand painted sinks, a tile and metal mirror and 100 funky tiles, to help decorate the new house with, so we are pretty happy.
I’ll get photos when I brave going outside to the car to get them..its snowy and deep out there at the moment.
Darwin had the time of her life, sprinting up and down, bounding through waves and stalking seagulls.
We stopped briefly at Organ Pipe Cactus Park, to check out the huge cactus’s and incoming storm. So big and spiky, just the way I like my cactus.

I did want to go out and do a few things today, renew my drivers license, buy a MP3 player, get milk, but the roads haven’t been plowed here yet, so I guess its another cuppa and WOW.

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