Airport fuel station opened

Air operations expected to increase

By: José Antonio Pérez

As part of the development and evolution of the international airport in Puerto Peñasco, on October 10th a station to provide fuel to planes was opened, a move that is expected to further help with the growth of the airport operations. Airport manager Alonso Domínguez Ruiz said that to begin with they would have a portable tank for 12 thousand liters of air fuel for piston planes, and shortly be adding another pipe for up to 12 thousand liters of turbo fuel for turbine planes.

He explained that the plan is to have two stationary tanks of 40 thousand liters each for December of this year or by January 2007, with the idea to meet the fuel demand that is sure to increase over the next few months. This service, he added, as well as effective security, is of the utmost importance as operations have increased by 30% since September of last year when the airport was reopened. Furthermore, local investors are very interested in purchasing their own airplanes.

Alonso Domínguez Ruiz said that previously the airport had received 5 or 6 incoming flights per day and now the rate is between 9 to 10 or even more. The airport manager said that the development of the airport includes related services, such a pilot school from a group in Hermosillo that intends to open a campus here, as well as an aeronautic mechanic shop.

Alonso Domínguez Ruiz confirmed that the local airport has the category of an entrance air port, which is being verified both in the United States as in Mexico. There had been a rumor stating the opposite but the situation is being remedied so that flights to the area will not see a decrease.

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