Airport, electricity, Mayan, Roads and San Carlos

Written by: Steve Schwab 

On November 22, 2008 I flew from Rocky Point to San Carlos Mexico to see the new resort model opening for Seascape condo resort. I saw lots of friends there from Rocky Point such as Frank, Tina, Gail, Rich, Don and of Course Roberto and Tirza from Sea Side Reservations San Carlos.

Upon take off out of Rocky Point I decided to fly low and pull out the camera and get a picture of the Rocky Point Airport to be open in 2009. I saw that they had the runways marked and with the heading numbers and the 500 ft markers. It looks great and I considered doing a touch and go but decided against it.

Rocky Point Airport

After Turning my attention back to my map and getting a heading for San Carlos a new structure on the ground caught my attention. It is part of the Mayan Palace central park development and I was suprised to see it. The best way to describe it from the air was an ocean view resort that was laid out something like Casa Blanca on Sandy Beach.

DSC_0369small.jpg   DSC_0374small.jpg
We all think about the coastal highway coming to Rocky Point and have see the pictures but we never consider where it is also going to take us. We will have access to other coastal areas up and down the sea of cortez once it is completed. I found construction on the coastal to our south. I thought it was interesting that we never think about how it might open up thousands of miles of beach front property over the next several decades.  Here you can see how the road is coming along. I tried to put in a google map of where this is but I am using an apple that I am not very good with so if your interested here are the 12 digit coordinance.  N 302527 by W 1125144
Coastal Highway to the south of Penasco


Heading down the beach at around 3500 ft I found Puerto Liberdad. This is where all of our electricity is made for Rocky Point and much of Sonora. It is a little town and looks like the main industry is the Power Plant. I am told it is a diesel plant and from the horrific pollution I believe it.  I am also told that it is slated to be converted to a natural gas plant but I haven’t hear any time lines. If your curious as to where all our electricity for Rocky Point comes from this would be it.

DSC_0422small.jpg   DSC_0425.jpg

Lastly coming into San Carlos I took a final few shots of Playa Blanca, the new Seascape construction and anything else that was interesting


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