Agreements established to reactivate fishing in upper gulf

Agreements established to reactivate fishing in the upper gulf
Bringing an end to nearly decade long conflict

Nearly a decade of conflict, tension and uncertainty in the fishing area came to a close through the establishment of agreements and the reactivation of shrimp capture in the Upper Gulf of California for large vessels.
Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez reported that following a four hour meeting at the state capitol with federal authorities, they were able to address the situation and reach a satisfactory agreement for all involved.
He detailed that during the session, they heard and dealt with positions from fishermen, employers, and ship builders as well as the state and municipal government, and were able to resolve the problem without resorting to the need for producers to turn to measures of social pressure, as had been warned.
The Mayor explained that among the agreements reached was that to let ships from Puerto Peñasco enter shrimp areas in the Upper Gulf beginning Wednesday, Oct. 15th, while respecting established guidelines and the fishing exclusion polygon for the protection of the vaquita marina.
He added that they also agreed that beginning on October 21st, they would establish a permanent negotiation board here in Puerto Peñasco to work on steps and procedures for fishing in the Upper Gulf of Californiafor the long term.
“ We saw the willingness and openness of the federal authorities, as well as of those from the fishing sector, which made it possible to come to a documented agreement with which all those involved plan to follow,” he explained.
The Mayor appeared satisfied with the results of the proceedings he had headed up, as they were able to establish conditions to achieve solutions for the short and long term to benefit fishermen as well as ecology in the Reserve o fthe Upper Gulf of California.
He reiterated that by reaching agreements, they are taking necessary steps to assure we don´t relive the situation from over the past seven years, which included demonstrations and social pressure.
The City Leader stated that they willingness of everyone was key, stating they must now must assure follow up with the agreements. 

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