Aerial Event to take to the skies

Aerial Event

To Take To the Skies 


Puerto Peñasco’s first “rocky Point Fly In” event, scheduled for November, is geared at promoting aerial tourism as a complement to what the city has to offer, reported Alonso Dominguez Ruiz, airport administrator. 


Dominguez Ruiz indicated that this first edition of the event, to take place November 14 -16 and which they hope to hold at least once a year, will include the participation of national and international pilots. 


He detailed that the “Rocky Point Fly In” is similar, in its own way to the motorcycle rally. He explained it aims to attract the greatest number of 4 – 8 seated private planes as possible, operated by individuals highly devoted to aviation. 


The event is not to show off exhibition planes, he clarified, it is for private planes that will be on display for all to and that may, at some point, participate some competitions. 


Dominguez Ruiz stated they are expecting participation of pilots principally from Arizona, Nevada and California. 


He remarked they already have at least 33 planes registered, although they do not have a defined goal concerning participation in this first “Rocky Point Fly In”. 


The Puerto Peñasco international airport administrator indicated that the $259 U.S. registry pilot packet includes two nights and three days with lodging, meals, and transportation. 


He pointed out the support of the Municipal Administration, and that of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, have been fundamental in making this event possible, as well as that of the Sonora Commission for the Promotion of Tourism. 


These joint efforts, he added, has allowed them to put together attractive packages for participants in the “Rocky Point Fly In” and establish a foundation to offer this as an additional option to attract to Puerto Peñasco. 

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