Advances in project to install sea water desalination plant

Advances in project to install sea water desalination plant
Expected contributions from federal and international funds
       The project to install a sea water desalination plant in this city is advancing well pursuant to plans of the municipal government. There are good possibilities authorization for the project will be given in December and that more federal and international resources will become available for its carrying out, stated Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta, director of the Municipal Office of Potable Water, Sewage and Sanitation (Oomapas).
  The Oomapas director reported that this news was presented during a recent meeting held at the U.S embassy in Mexico City. He noted the fact that Puerto Peñasco was the only municipality in the country that participated in the meeting, along with representatives from all states of the United States of America and the local federal government.
  Figueroa Zazueta indicated that during the meeting, it was established that on December 15th the preoject for the Puerto Peñasco desalination plant would be submitted to the technical board of the National Water Commission for approval and it appears there are many possibilities that it will get the go ahead.
  As this is a binational plan, he added, they are looking at way to get more international funds in order to consolidate the project even further.
  The Oomapas director stated they are furthering advancements in fulfillment of the agreement signed last February with the U.S. Department of Commerce and Development, which will provide funds of $369,000 dollars for direct support in Puerto Peñasco.
  Figueroa Zazueta announced that according to this agreement they foresee that the desalination plant should begin operations by February of 2010.
  He remarked they are making great strides while assuring present and future water supplies for the city.

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