Advanced Lucent’s work on the Malecon

Look quite advanced work on the boardwalk, so it is estimated that before the Easter holidays, the new view of the waterfront come alive and can have a decent family compound of a city to vacation and enjoy the sea, as what is Puerto Penasco.
Although the work of the seawall began last year in early October, the work is projected to be completed before the end of the first quarter of this year, ie end of March, said in a previous interview director Public Works.
New benches, planters, landscaping, and even remodeled baths are part of the work done in this area of the city landmark, which was also remodeled and overhead wiring in the past year, to give more views of the area.
Apart from the work of green areas, restrooms and bleachers, renovation of common areas and walkways and sidewalks, in previous weeks took the checkered flag for once and for all, paving work will be completed to the pier before the holidays Easter and very possibly Spring Break.
Undoubtedly, the work done and the changes made to the levee, and draw attention of tourists and locals, although the areas are not yet completed, but a stroll along the boardwalk, may already be a pleasure for the family or the tourists looking to be in close contact with the sea.
The paving of the boardwalk, in its entirety will cost approximately 10 million pesos, which is an unprecedented amount for the paving of this area of the city, which will have a surface newly paved with reinforced concrete, slightly above 4 thousand 500 square meters, more than 4 million square feet of sidewalk and thousand 690 meters fittings

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