If you are looking for something fun and exciting to keep you entertained while you’re in Rocky Point, then I think we can help. We have information on this page about the many fun Activities available in Rocky Point, which may be “just what you’re looking for”! Please give us a call at Sea Side Reservations in Phoenix at 602-404-2982 or 1-866-785-2350 if you have any other questions we can help you with. If you would like to book any of the activities listed below, contact “What To Do” (Sea Fari Tours) at 928-380-8619 Or 602-476-1483, or vist their website at and They are your Ocean Rentals Experts!  

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Ultra Light Adventures – If you want to see Rocky Point in a whole new light, then take a ride on an Ultra Light! Hey, that rhymes. You can take a beautiful scenic ride with Alfredo or Jorge, your pilots with 18 years experience combined. Ultra Lights are located on the dirt road that takes you to the Reef Club – Piano Bar & Rv Park. Come take your flight today! Rides start at $40 per person for 15 minutes, and they will take you anywhere over Rocky Point you want to go. 

New Ultra Light Video!     

      Ultra Light Adventures     Ultra Light Adventures     Ultra Light Adventures

      Ultra Sharon     Ultra Sharon     Ultra Light Adventures

Sunset Cruise – Are you ready for an exciting Sunset Cruise on a local charter in Rocky Point? Great! You deserve to sit back and relax, have a cold drink, and let someone do all the driving for a while. Come and enjoy the beautiful Mexico sunset with the ones you love, and enjoy some live entertainment “to boot”!  We know several great charters that we would like to share with you.

The first is called the Rey Del Mar. Tony is the Captain of the Rey Del Mar, and he and his entire family and crew are dedicated to one thing….”Making sure you and your guest have a great time on your sunset cruise”! Rey Del Mar has 2 Pirate Ships that adventure out daily (when available) on their Pirate Sunset Cruises. Live entertainment, Dancing, and Fireworks at the end are a very common site with Tony’s and his crew. Come enjoy this 2 hour “funfest” on your next visit to Rocky Point. Beverages and Snacks available on the ship. The Rey Del Mar office is located next to Balboa’s Restaurant, down the street from Keno’s Store (past Santiago’s). To book your reservation with the Rey Del Mar, please call 011-52-638-38-35490. Enjoy your cruise, Pirates!

Our next new hot recommendation is on the 57′ Morris with Mike and his awesome crew from Sea Fari. Mike offers a fantastic 2 hours cruise with music, dancing, free drinks, and Live entertainment (when available) to end the cruise. His catamaran is your safe haven for the next 2 hours as you dance and enjoy the gorgeous sunset on the ocean. Sea Fari is currently offering special on the sunset cruise (limited time only) when you show them your Sea Side wristband or mention “Summer Family Getaway”.

Sea Fari is at 928-380-8619 Or 602-476-1483 +  In Mexico at 011-52-638-10-92109 & 011-52-638-38-38175. &

   Sunset Cruise Video 

      Sunset Cruise     Sunset Cruise     Sunset Cruise

      Sunset Cruise     Sunset Cruise     IMG_1397.JPG

Kite Surfing – Did you know they offer Kite Surfing lesson in Rocky Point? Well, they do, and they are ready, willing, and able to teach anyone of any age who wants to learn. Bob, Amanda, Tommy, and Omar are your instructors who will teach you the ins and outs of being the best kite surfer on the beach! You can reach them in Rocky Point at 602-820-8147 or the Mexican number at 011-52-638-38-53700. They also have a great website at

      Kite Surfing     Kite Masters (4).jpg     Kite Surfing

      Kite Surfing     Kite Surfing     Kite Surfing Office.JPG

7th Annual Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally – Now, I bet you’re one of those people who keep telling yourself “I’m going to the Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally this year”, and you keep missing it. In 2006, they had close to 10,000 people attend the Rally, including the Discovery Channel, who filmed an episode of Biker Build-Off, and Easy Rider Magazine, who wrote about the Discovery Channel’s involvement. It was a great time for all! Now, are you going to miss it again this year? No? Good answer! I didn’t think so. If you need to find a place to stay, just call our Sea Side in Phoenix Office at 602-404-2982 or 1-866-785-2350. We can help you find a great place to stay for you, your family, and all your friends. We hope to see you on November 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th.

You can contact Shea at with any questions or request for lodging.

      Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally      Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally      Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally

      Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally      Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally      Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally

Dancing – Dancing! “That’s a great idea!” Where can we go dancing, “you ask”? Manny’s Beach Club, Pink Cadillac, Baja Cantina, The Reef Club, Playa Bonita Happy Hour at Puesta Del Sol, Margarita Villa, and Bumaya (with the famous Foam Party). The real question is: “Where can’t you go dancing”? Rocky Point has a wonderful abundance of clubs to enjoy when the sun goes down. Come find your favorite place today!

      Daning in Penasco          Daning in Penasco          Daning in Penasco

      Daning in Penasco          Daning in Penasco          Daning in Penasco

Golfing at the Mayan Peninsula Golf Course – That’s right Ladies and Gentleman. The demand has been met! The addition of world-class golf in Puerto Penasco has finally arrived. There is nothing better than a perfect par four against the backdrop of the beautiful ocean and endless sunny Mexico skies. Golfing on an intricate and challenging course in Puerto Penasco has never been easier, and more fun. Enjoy the much-awaited course at Mayan Peninsula Golf Course, located on the La Pinta Estuary by the Mayan Palace Resort. For more information on the Mayan Peninsula Golf, please visit their website at If you have any questions about the location of the course, please call Joe at Sea Side at 602-404-2982 or 866-785-2350. Click here for Sea Sides new Golf Packages!

      MG.JPG     MG (1).JPG     MG (2).JPG

      MG (3).JPG     MG (4).JPG     MG (5).JPG

Spa Treatments – This one is especially for the ladies, but we welcome all newcomers! You deserve to enjoy a few moment of peace and tranquility at a beautiful new Day Spa on your next trip to Rocky Point, don’t you? We recently found one thet opened in early 2008 called Sanctuary, which is located in the lobby area at Bella Sirena on Sandy Beach. For more information, or directions to the Spa, please call Sea Side in Phoenix at 866-785-2350 or 602-404-2982. We will guide you to your new tranquil paradise!

      BellaSpa.JPG     BellaSpa (1).JPG     BellaSpa (2).JPG

      BellaSpa (3).JPG     BellaSpa (4).JPG     BellaSpa (5).JPG

Kayak on the Sea of Cortez – Take in the sun-drenched sea from a different perspective. Rent a kayak at sunset and watch the Sonoran Desert disappear into the darkness. Get up early and paddle amongst the Dolphins as the come right up to your boat! Take a relaxing tour through the Estuaries to our local Oyster Farms. Wondreful new adventures await you and your guest, and now, for a limited time, our good friends Tammy and Roland at Kayak Rocky Point are offering discounts throughout Summer for Kayak rentals, Kayak tours, Snorkeling gear, and Skin boards. Tammy and Roland are the official Hobbie Cat Dealers in Rocky Point, and the only people with Peddal Kayaks! Stop by and start your adventure today.

To receive your discount, please show them your Sea Side wristband, or call before your trip and mention “Summer Family Getaway” and they will take care of you right away. Kayak Rocky Point is at 866-687-2510 Or 602-773-6823 + In Mexico at 011-52-638-10-32038. (photos below, minus the Dolphin, are from Kayak Rocky Point’s website)

New Kayak Video!

      krp.jpg     krp (1).jpg     krp (2).jpg

     Sea Kayaking     krp (3).jpg     krp (4).jpg

Go Sailing – What would you say if I told you that Rocky Point is a perfect place to enjoy a day of Sailing? Would you believe me? Well, it’s true! Rocky Point is the heart of the Sea of Cortez, with miles and miles of open ocean, surrounded by an aboundance of ocean life just waiting to be seen. Let the cool breeze take you anywhere you wish to go. You can sail out to Cholla Bay and Pelican Point if you wish, or maybe sail to Bird Island and visit the Sea Lion Colony. I will bet that you will see Dolphins along the way. Dolphins are almost a daily site in Rocky Point. From early December to Late January, it’s Whale Season, so you may even encounter a whale or two! In 2005, a fisherman in a small fishing boat saw a Whale Shark, which he described as a slow swimming car, due to its size. It was bigger than the small boat he was in. So, don’t be shy. We encourage you to bring you Sailboats to Rocky Point and have fun whenever you feel the need. We will see you on the beach! Sailboat Charters can be rented with “What To Do” at 011-52-638-38-38175, or visit their website at

      Set Sail.JPG     Set Sail (1).JPG     Set Sail (2).JPG

      Dolphins    Set Sail (4).jpg     Set Sail (5).jpg

Jet Skis and Wave Runners – What do you get when you invited some crazy, fun, speed-junkies to Rocky Point, and then remind them to bring there Jet Skis & Wave Runners? You get some of the best free ocean entertainment around. Jet Skis & Wave Runners are a very common site in Rocky Point, so feel free to bring your ocean toys and have a lot of fun. We do ask that you please ride slow when close to the beach because many people snorkel in Rocky Point, and we would hate to see anyone get hurt. If you don’t have your own ride, and would like to rent one, you can contact “What To Do” at 011-52-638-38-38175, or visit their website at They can help you find the best rental for your buck!

      Jet Skis & Wave Runners     Jet Skis & Wave Runners     Jet Skis & Wave Runners

      Jet Skis & Wave Runners     Jet Skis & Wave Runners     Jet Skis & Wave Runners

Day Trips & Private Charters – Come enjoy a Private Charter and take the entire family on a fun day trip to Bird Island, or just along the coast on the beautiful Sea of Cortez. Private charters are wonderful for large groups who want the entire boat to themselves so they can party all day long! Rey Del Mar, Intrepid, and the Fiesta Cruiser all offer day trips around Rocky Point. Capt. Tony, the owner of Rey Del Mar, now has 2 Pirate Ships! For more information, please call “What To Do” at 011-52-638-38-38175, or visit theor website at

      Charters & Day Cruises     Charters & Day Cruises     Charters & Day Cruises

      Charters & Day Cruises     Fiesta, Fiesta.JPG     Charters & Day Cruises

Quads & ATV’s – Don’t worry if you were not able to bring your own Quad or ATV to Rocky Point this trip. They have plenty of rentals all over town. Once you have secured your ride, head over to the area behind the beachfront condos on Sandy Beach. This area has miles and miles of sand dunes “just waiting to be conquered”. Please ride responsibly and WEAR A HELMET! It does save lives, “trust me!”.

      Quads & ATV's      Quads & ATV's      Quads & ATV's

      Quads & ATV's      Copy of Doris (65).JPG     Quads & ATV's

Banana Boat Rides – Banana Boat Rides are a great way for the whole family to enjoy a day of fun on the ocean, and spend very little money doing so. Rides usually cost $5 per person, and the speed you want to go and time frame are yours to negotiate. Banana Boats are fun for all ages, so head to the beach and have some fun today!

      Banana Boats     Banana Boats     Banana Boats

      Banana Boat Sharon     Banana Boat Sharon     BananaBoatRide.JPG

Parasailing – There is nothing quite like a peaceful ride over the Sea of Cortez with nothing but the warm Mexico breeze as your companion. Experience a world away, 600 feet in the air, with an amazing panoramic view of the Sonoran Desert and the Rocky Point shoreline. You will spend the next 10 minutes high above the ocean, watching time stand still, as you gaze in awe at the beautiful splendor below. To book your Parasailing reservation, please contact Ryan at 623-734-8733 Or 011-52-638-11-50820.   

New Parasailing Video!

      Parasailing     Parasailing     Parasailing in Penasco

      Parasailing in Penasco    Parasailing     Parasailing

Fishing Charters – Alright, where is that one guy who always thinks he’s the toughest man in the group? Let’s see how tough you are fella. How about a day of Fishing in Rocky Point? Do you think that might be a true test of your will, or do you need something else to get you going? Rocky Point is packed full of great fishing guides, so get ready to have some fun. If you want to talk to a local experts before your trip, here is how to do it. You have several options for fishing. If you would like to contact Frank & Company at “What To Do” (Sea Fari), which works out of the Sea Side Office below Sunset Cantina, call 011-52-638-38-38175, or visit their site at & Have fun and catch a whopper, okay?!

Please mention to “What To Do” (Sea Fari) that you were provided with their contact information from Shea Peil at the Sea Side Phoenix Office at 602-404-2982 or 1-866-785-2350

      Fishing Charters     Fishing Charters     Fishing Charters

      Fishing Charters     IMG_1033.JPG    Boats.jpg    

Horse Back Rides – If you feel like taking a relaxing horse back ride, then head over to the Sandy Beach area. The horse rentals are usually between Las Gaviotas Condos and the Playa Bonita Hotel. Horse back rides are great, especially for the “little ones”. Prices may vary. Enjoy your ride!

      Horse Back Rides     Horse Back Rides     Horse Back Rides

      Horse Back Rides     Horse Back Rides     Horse Back Rides

Cet Mar Aquarium – Have you taken the family to the Aquarium in Rocky Point yet? If you haven’t, we encourage you to do so on your next visit. The aquarium is very affordable, and it is full of every kind of ocean life for you to enjoy. You can see many species of Fish, Ells, Stingrays, Sea Horses, a Dog Fish, a Lobster, and more! Oh, did I mention the best part? You can feed the Sea Turtles squid and Sea Lions fish pieces (food can purchased at the entrance), and you can pay $10 to go IN THE TANK and feed the Sea Lions. Its a blast! Come see the Aquarium located on the same road to CEDO in Las Conchas. 

New Aquarium Video!

      Aquarium in Las Conchas         Aquarium in Las Conchas         Aquarium in Las Conchas

      Aquarium in Las Conchas     Aquarium in Las Conchas     Aquarium in Las Conchas

Diving, Snorkeling, and Kayaking at Bird Island – Have you always wanted to visit Bird Island? Do you want to swim and kayak with the local Sea Lion colony and experience the thrill of a lifetime? Then grab the family and let’s get ready to have some fun. Our good friends Mike, Felipe, and Danny, at Sea Fari “What To Do”, are your expert guides to Bird Island. Contact them before your trip to secure your seat, and get ready for an amazing time. Don’t forget your camera! Beverages included. 

Sea Fari is currently offering Summer specials when you show them your Sea Side wristband or mention “Summer Family Getaway”. Sea Fari is at 928-380-8619 Or 602-476-1483 + In Mexico at 011-52-638-10-92109 & 011-52-638-38-38175. &

New Bird Island Video!

      BI (3)1.jpg     Bird Island     Bird Island

      Snorkel with Sea Lions     Bird Island     Bird Island

Snorkeling – Snorkeling is a wonderful activity for the whole family. Come explore the Sea of Cortez and all it has to offer, like Sea Cucumbers, Puffer Fish, Shovel Nose Guitar Fish (below), and so many other sea creatures. Recommended snorkeling spots: The Reef Club; Tucson Beach in Cholla Bay; In front of Manny’s Beach Club and Granada Del Mar Hotel. Don’t forget, you can also snorkel at Bird Island with Frank & “What To Do” at 011-52-638-38-38175, or visit their website at

Please mention to “What To Do”, (Sea Fari that you were provided with their contact information from Shea Peil at the Sea Side Phoenix Office at 602-404-2982 or 1-866-785-2350

      Snorkeling     Snorkeling     Snorkeling

      Snorkeling     Snorkeling     Snorkeling

Pinacate Mountain Range Tour – Have you ever been to the Pinacate Mountain Range, which is located less than an hour from Rocky Point? NO! Well, it’s time you did. Come and see the Pinacate Volcanic Mountain Range and learn about the wonderful geologic processes that created this amazing wonder! Fact: In 1970, the Apollo 14 Astronauts trained for their first mission to the moon at the Pinacate Range, due to the similar terrain, and they still train here to this day. If you would like to take a tour of the Pinacate Mountain Range, please call Frank & Company Sea Fari Tours at 011-52-638-38-38175, or visit their iste at

      Pinacate Mnt Range     Pinacate Mnt Range     Pinacate Mnt Range

      Pinacate Mnt Range     Pinacate Mnt Range     Pinacate Mnt Range

Oyster Farms – Now, I bet you have seen Oysters available at most of the local restaurants in Rocky Point, but if you haven’t been to the Oyster Farms outside Las Conchas, you haven’t had the freshest oyster available yet! All you need to bring is your favorite hot sauce. They are beginning to sell beer now, so you are all set. Take a moment to find the Oyster Farms on your next visit. If you need help, call 602-404-2982.

      Oyster Farms     Oyster Farms     Oyster Farms

      Oyster Farms          Oyster Farms       Oyster Farms

Weddings – Rocky Point is a beautiful destination to have your Wedding. If you would like to make your plans today, and speak to someone who can answer all the important questions you have, you can talk to Soledad Mendez and June Pentecost at 602-490-0147 or 011-52-638-38-30700 or 37516. You can also visit their website at

      Weddings in Rocky Point     Weddings in Rocky Point     Weddings in Rocky Point

      Weddings in Rocky Point     Weddings in Rocky Point     Weddings in Rocky Point

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