5PM arrive; the summer sun is so high that look like 2PM.

original5PM arrive; the summer sun is so high that look like 2PM. Do you think that there are or have enough time to do any activity you can do, fishing? Of course, one of the favorite activities of many people and to de-stress is to take your cane, find the best bait, depending on what you want to capture and find the right place.

You travel places in mind, the tip of the estuary of the ideal place to fish for sole in certain areas where this fish seeks or places where forages, or play with the movement of the tides where you can find curvina into or out shells after visit the estuary.

The stone around the hill to find the ideal corvinas runs, a spectacular sight in a strong tide where you can catch pompano, see how plows through the waves of bright blue contrasts the silvery sheen of the branch after the decoy beacon.

The dock if you do not want to go far has good fish runs. But to enjoy an excellent feeling to find good pieces to show off, you can visit the jetties around the hills in the cholla, where the sunset view is spectacular, a good sunset, and cochitos eating the bait giving good fight by biting.

Strips the bait and start to pick it up, suddenly feeling a jerk, you respond to the opposite impulse received in the shank, this impulse you receive a response, a strong pull the thread feel stretch the line, arrestees with a wing pull rod and you start winding the linen doubtfully and a sense of satisfaction half, strip and wind it, strip and wind it at some point the dam rather like jumping from the water and in the air flutters, insinuating that he is unwilling to give up and fight, adrenaline flows to feel the resistance of the fish struggling to remain free, most however is too well hooked that he can not get loose, reaching wing shore once a beautiful fish that deserves respect for the struggle that proved, but an inexplicable feeling of combining good scenery with good fishing.

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