4.7 Million to Be Invested in Water Micro Meters

Just over 5 thousand micro-meters will be installed in an equal number of homes throughout the city, as part of a program through the investment of 4.7 million pesos, reported Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta, Director of the municipal Operating Office for Potable Water, Sewage and Sanitation (OOMAPAS ).

Figueroa Zazueta recently remarked that the intent of the plan of micro metering is to charge users for the real amount of consumption, and in this manner generate new awareness of the importance of the wise use of vital liquid.

He added that once the meters are installed, particularly in the areas where supply is minimal, such as in the neighborhoods of Lopez Portillo, Obrera and Brisas del Golfo, they will begin to eliminate rates of minimum fees that are currently charged equally among consumers.

He detailed that the program of micro metering will be possible thanks to a mix of resource of which the federal branch will provide 2.132 million pesos, the state 1.250 million, and the local government another 1.250 million.

The OOMAPAS director believes that within a period of one of two months the installation of the meters in homes will get underway; therefore he called on community members to care for water in order to not increase their rate of consumption.

He recognized that previously they had announced programs for the monitoring of water that were not followed through, but on this occasion it is indeed a reality, as they already have the allocated funds in place.

Figueroa Zazueta remarked that forecasts are for an extremely hot summer; therefore it is necessary for those in PeƱasco to put in their part to care of water, to prevent water shortages in the future.

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