Tendering process underway for projects to improve image of Old Port

Tendering process underway for projects to improve image of Old Port 


Written by: Guadalupe Cabrera

Taken from: Join us newspaper


Work planned to begin towards end of January


The public tendering process is now underway for projects within the first phase of the program to improve the urban image of the city. Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro reports 50 million pesos are set to be channeled into the project.


The Mayor recently indicated that, according to the established programs, they believe this process will wrap up just before the end of January, allowing the launching of work for the beginning of February of this year.

He remarked, according to project plans, they will begin with infrastructure projects aimed at laying underground electric lines, among other objectives, in order to reduce the use of aerial cables and posts in the port. 

The City Leader indicated there has been important progress in this first phase of the program to improve the overall urban image. He explained he would be speaking with people from the Old Port neighborhood to assure the work causes the least amount of nuisance possible.
Zepeda Munro reiterated the work to be done in the area of the Old Port will be slow and may cause annoyance, yet involves important work that needs to be done. With this in mind, he also called for the general patience of the public once work begins.

puertoIt is worth noting a comprehensive project for the improvement of urban image had been initially drawn up during the previous administration for nearly 100 million pesos.

The project will include road paving and new infrastructure, new building façades and the removal of aerial wires throughout the Old Port area, along 13th Street and in the entry areas to the city.

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