3000 pets vaccinated in Puerto Peñasco

With an excellent response from the community conducted ¨ Rabies Vaccination Day National exceed the target ° to about 3000 pets vaccinated throughout the site on Saturday March 26 reported, Socorro Ruiz Villareal.

The Municipal Health Coordinator called positive vaccination campaign who attended most of the colonies of the city with the aim of preventing diseases among dogs and cats, especially now that seasons are approaching the strong heat.

Revealed that during this long day was attended by staff of the agency in charge as well as the Health Ministry who from an early hour were covering all the animals that required immunizations.

Be stressed that continuously implementing such programs in the area with the sole purpose of working on rabies prevention and disease transmission risks that may impair the health of animals and their owners.

Ruiz Villareal called on all citizens to participate in this program, taking their dogs and cats to be vaccinated inviting them to come to the offices of the Municipal Health Coordination where permanent vaccination

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