2nd. Taste of Peñasco


Drawing more tourism to the area via attractions this port has to offer, along with opportunities to delight one’s palate, were the principal abjetives of the 2nd Taste of Peñasco held nov. 29th over thanksgiving weekend, reported Manuel Martinez Peña, Taste committee member.

Martinez Peña indicated the idea was to provide visitors, as well as local community members, the opportunity to sample local fare all gathered in one area, while creating a new tourist attraction. He detailed the 2nd annual Taste of Peñasco was held November 29th on the beach front grounds of the Bella Sirena development, with free entry and open to the public.               We were able to have the participation of at list 10 local restaurants, who offered their plates at a modified cost of between one to five dollars to assure that the delectable dishes were accessible to all, he explained.

Martinez Peña stated this event has not only become a gastronomy sampling, but also a showcase for folk-art and local artists. He noted that various art pieces were also sold off to the highest bidder. He added that the event included a bachelor/bachelorette auction, and an exposition and tasting of Mexican table wines presented by the Baron Balche winery from Baja California norte.                                                             Additional activities at the event, which lasted from noon to 6:00pm. Included a special space for children with a trampoline and clowns, raffles and lively music performed by the group La Marca. The taste of Peñasco committee member stressed the altruistic character of the event, as the majority of the founds raised would go to community assistance programs sponsored by the Lion’s club of Puerto Peñasco.                                                                                 

Manuel Martinez Peña clarified although the taste was held at Bella Sirena, this does not mean that it was an elitist event. To the contrary, it was open to the public and signified the opportunity for the people of Puerto Peñasco to have access to the developments that form part of this community.

He indicated last year the taste welcomed nearly 500 people, and this year there were even more attendees as the even coincided with US thanksgiving weekend.  Puerto Peñasco Lion’s club president, Rodrigo Peña Campos, thanked the organizers of the event for deciding to donate the founds into this community serviced organization.

He stated the club periodically supports at list seven programs to benefit those in need and therefore the organizers of the event will have the option of deciding into which of this projects the funds raised will be channeled.   The Lion’s club president detailed they have an assistance program for those with vision problems, a monthly scholarship program for students, monthly donations of food and support, helping ill individuals into medical institutions, the presentation of groceries and blankets in December, and sponsor festivals for king’s day and children’s day.

In time, added Peña Campos, and in agreement with organizers from the taste, they will determine how to use the funds raised at the event, which will go to directly benefit those most in need in the community.

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