22 year old border crossing to be expanded

Dec 9 2008

Steve Schwab


On December 6th 2008 at the Arizona-Mexico Commission meeting  it was officially announced that the state of Arizona and Mexico will be expanding the border crossing that takes U.S. tourists to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) on the Sea of Cortez.

The current port of entry was built 22 years ago and is not designed to handle the amount of visitors who travel to Puerto Penasco on  weekends and major holidays. The amount of traffic compounded with stricter re-entry policies have slowed the popular border to a long wait during heavy traffic times.  The announcement was made at the 2008 Fall Plenary Session of the Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC)/ Comisión Sonora-Arizona in Hermosillo, Sonora.

The Governor explained “Many travelers returning from Rocky Point have experienced the 5-hour line at the Port,” She went on further to say “on all levels – federal, state and local – worked hard on the first public-private effort to ease the congestion at the Port or Entry.”

This progress is thanks to a bi-national public-private partnership between Arizona and Mexico was headed by the Tourism Committee and Transportation, Infrastructure and Ports Committee of the AMC. These Committees have been focused for more than a year to facilitate greater traffic capacity for tourists and widen the Lukeville-Sonoyta Point of Entry.

Lukeville POE.jpg   Lukeville Port of Entry

The current Port of Entry (POE) will be expanding from three lanes to five lanes; reducing the wait from approximately five hours to three hours during peak times. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has agreed to staff the newly expanded port once it is finished. The expansion is estimated cost of $2.5 million, which has already been secured in public and private sector agreements. The work is expected to take less than one year to complete.

To watch exclusive video of the Secretary of Tourism discuss the border expansion at the AZ-Mex confrence by clicking the link below.


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